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  • Member 7916 Reply

    I was thinking earlier today that it would be pretty amazing to have a hubshout mobile app. You'd be able to show clients reports, etc right on your phone and they could check their stats easily as well.

    Is this something you guys have thought about doing in the (hopefully near) future?

    08/23 at 04:50 PM (9710)
  • Chad Reply

    Yeah... that would be really cool.. especially for the sales portion of the dashboard. No immediate plans but it is a good suggestion.

    08/23 at 05:32 PM (9711)
  • Jenna Reply

    I love the mobile app idea! How excellent to just be able to bring an ipad to a client meeting.

    08/23 at 06:07 PM (9712)
  • Member 7916 Reply

    is that a sarcastic "yeah" Chad? lol I just thought it would be a great tool to have as a reseller.

    08/23 at 10:56 PM (9715)
  • AdamUK Reply

    Would be an added bonus to tell clients when selling to round off the whole 'Our client dashboard is so cool' part and wow the prospective customer.

    08/27 at 05:52 AM (9775)
  • Jenna Reply

    Member 7916, that was definitely not a sarcastic "yeah" on Chad's end. We agree that a mobile app is an excellent idea; but with the recent launch of our REAL SEO programs and our website reseller program, and a few other things in progress, this isn't on the priority list right now, although it's a great idea.

    We're not really a sarcastic bunch anyhow :)

    08/28 at 05:13 PM (9840)