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Hubshout Brand in Pricing

  • Andy Reply

    Just had a reseller call in with concerns about the service tab under the Admin module. He was wondering why Hubshout branded the pricing there. He is looking to outsource his sales staff and wants to give them the ability to do their own proposals, but he doesn't want them to know he's using us. Anyone else run into issues with this?

    08/26 at 02:44 PM (9743)
  • Chris B. Reply

    Why yes! We have an option within the User account to add 'Admin-Pricing' - this will disguise the wholesale price and only show retail to their employees.

    08/26 at 02:54 PM (9746)
  • Adam Reply

    But they will still see our brand.. There is only so far we can go with the reseller staff...

    08/26 at 02:56 PM (9747)