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HubShout Forum Rules

  • Adam Reply

    Hi All! We are very pleased that you want to participate in our open Reseller Community. Many great ideas are shared here. Relationships are built. Business strategies are refined. However, to maintain an effective, respective and productive online forum - rules are necessary.

    HubShout Forum Rules

    • No ranting. This is not a forum for complaining.
    • No personal attacks. Keep all comments respectful.
    • No discussion of specific links or websites. These issues are just too sensitive.
    • No thread hijacking. Stay on-topic.

    In some cases, it may be appropriate to move the discussion into a Customer Support task. In extreme cases, it will be necessary to remove posts, threads and ban users. We really don't like doing this due to our belief in transparency. However, HubShout reserves the right if any of the above rules are broken.

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