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How do I set up Email? Step 1: Amazon SES

  • Chris Reply

    This tutorial is your first step in using HubShout's white label Email Marketing platform.

    HubShout Co-Founders, Chad and Adam have held a few webinars on Email Marketing and HubShout's platform. You can find those here:

    WEBINAR -- Email Marketing Relaunch

    WEBINAR -- Selling Email

    HubShout uses Amazon's Simple Email Service (SES) to power our email marketing module. You will need to setup an account with Amazon SES to use HubShout's email tool. Once a reseller has Amazon SES set up they can decide to allow their clients to use the reseller's SES account or request that they open their own. This decision can be made for each individual account.

    The benefit of separate Amazon accounts is that each account has its own reputation score, so HubShout resellers do not have to worry that bad behavior of a client will impact their over-all ability to send email. By default, the system will look to the next highest level for an Amazon SES account. If a reseller's client doesn't have an Amazon key then the system will use the reseller's Amazon key.

    Create an Amazon SES account and link it to your HubShout portal:

    Step 1) Sign-up for a Amazon Web Services Account Amazon Web Services offers more than just email services so do not be confused by the other services promoted on this page. You will need to be available for phone verification of the information provided in the email. Please make a note of the email you used to register the account, this is needed later in the process.

    Step 2) You need two security keys from Amazon. Go to the Amazon Web Services website. Click your name in the upper right and select Security Credentials. Or use this link: You will need these two keys for your HubShout portal. Amazon Web Services Security Credentials

    Click Show.
    Amazon SES Keys

    Step 3) Login to your HubShout portal. Click the Admin tab and verify you are on the correct level in the breadcrumbs. HubShout Email Admin

    Step 4) Click the Email tab, enter your Amazon SES Access Key ID and Secret Access Key for the reseller account, or client account. Click Update. Refresh your browser (Press F5). Enter SES Keys Step 5) Request production access to Amazon SES. You already have development access to Amazon but we need to request production access. Use the information of the person and company you used in Step 1. SES Request Production Step 6) Enable the Email Feature in HubShout. Click Campaigns and select the campaign. Then click the Advanced tab and change the Email Feature from Off to On. Then click Update Campaign. Enable Email Feature

    Enable Email Feature Your HubShout account is now ready to prepare and send emails. Once you receive production access from Amazon SES (this could take up to one day), you can follow our instructions for sending your first email.

    03/16 at 02:00 PM
  • Amanda Reply

    Chris, Awesome layout! This is a great visual for people. :)

    03/17 at 12:20 AM
  • Terrance Reply

    This is very helpful I am demoing this tab and I feel like this will be very helpful for my clients to set it up

    08/29 at 11:23 AM
  • Chris Reply

    Cool Terrance, let us know how it goes.

    08/29 at 11:34 AM
  • Brian J. Wilhelm Reply

    Guys I was asked to post this about Amazon SES. If you find that after verifying a client through the Hubshout portal that the test emails are bouncing you have to go directly through Amazon SES and set up those verifications. I now just go into SES first get my key and secret code and paste it in Hubshout. Then I verify each address there to be sure it all works

    Also for new reps I highly recommend not using your SES Key for client accounts. I had a client use a purchased list while under my key and no I am on probation.:(

    03/27 at 04:52 PM (6071)
  • Chris Reply

    Thanks 4768 - Good advice about protecting your key.

    03/27 at 05:24 PM (6074)
  • Member 10623 Reply

    I don't see an email feature to turn on.

    01/28 at 11:39 PM (12898)
  • Member 11298 Reply

    I love this set up, I am sending the link on for new resellers, so well defined

    02/25 at 05:34 PM (13268)
  • Terrance Reply

    I send this thread out to so many people! It's so fast and simple.

    03/03 at 09:43 AM (13325)
  • Jamie B Reply

    It has just edged out Flappy Birds in my favorites bar.

    03/11 at 10:29 AM (13425)