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How do I get more conversions?

  • Angelina Marie Reply

    A big complaint I hear about SEO is that "It's not working because I am not converting leads into sales!" This sounds a lot like SEO was not clearly explained from the start and that people have a misunderstanding of what the goal of SEO is. Here is a newsflash, SEO works when the business receives prospects/leads from it, rankings are up, and organic traffic is up, just to name a few, and what probably isn't converting those leads is the website itself and/or the customer service.

    One part of our job is to optimize the site for SEO, but if there are components of the site that has been overlooked by the business owner, converting leads can be very difficult. Keep these tips in mind when designing a new website:

    1) Usability: Ask yourself, "What do I want my prospect to do when coming to my website?" The answer to that question should drive every decision. Interaction of the website takes precedent over the aesthetics of the website. Also make sure that the website is mobile responsive. You don't want your customer to visit your site on a mobile phone and have to pinch and zoom in and not have quick access to the information they need at the moment they visit. The user experience is extremely important. Also make sure to have simple and user-friendly navigation. Make it easy for the potential customer to find the information they are looking for.

    2) A creative 404 error page: People are often updating and changing their website and there is bound to be links out there that go to a page that no longer exists. Technology breaks and a potential customer will be served a 404 error page. This is still part of the user experience so make sure that you are communicating your brand in a positive light even when things go dark.

    3) A strong call to action: What do you want your visitors to do when they visit your site? Make sure to have your call to action on the home page and in plain sight. The purpose of your site is to attract and obtain prospects, leads, and customers. Let the message be perfectly clear. Their time just as precious as yours.

    4) An about us or explainer video: Communicate clearly what your value proposition is. Put it on the home page and be sure to transcribe it. According to Mashable, 80% of traffic will view a homepage video above the fold while conversion rates can increase by 89% on average. Transcribing your video will also add unique content to the page and more content for search engines to crawl. This will help boost your SEO efforts.

    5) Case Studies: It helps people learn how your business works.

    6) Concise Copy: Communicate clearly what your business is, who you serve, why it is important and why the customer needs it. Make sure it is unique too. Google penalizes sites with duplicate content. There has also been several quality content updates in the last couple of years from Google so be sure to follow their tips and guidelines. You can learn more from Google about content here:

    7) Links to Social Pages: Put these on the home page in a visible spot. Put them where the potential customer can easily access this information and check the business out.

    8) Page Load Time: If your site takes more than 3 seconds to load, the visitor will probably leave and go to a competitor. I have looked at a ton of websites and notice that one huge factor in slow load time is the image and video sizes. Make sure to keep these file sizes small! KissMetrics research shows that even a one-second delay in page response can reduce conversions by 7%, which can be significant for most e-commerce sites.

    9) Validation and Credibility: If there are any trust badges that can be added to the site, do it! BBB accreditation, Adwords Certified, Google Partner, Best Business of the Year Award, “As Seen In” badges, all of these build trust with the visitor. It is a signal to the visitor that other people have vetted and trust the company.

    10) Easy Contact: Make sure to have your name, address, phone number, and a contact form on every page. Do not make take up the visitor's time by having them navigate through the site just to fill out a contact form or give you a call. Name, address and phone number is also important when it comes to SEO. Keeping it consistent with all listings offsite will help search engines build confidence with the business and help them to understand exactly who and where they are.

    To help convert the leads that SEO brings to the site, make sure that the customer service is impeccable. have heard the horror story that an auto mechanic was receiving calls from their SEO efforts (we have call tracking and recording) and the representative who was answering the phone was telling the customers to come to their house on the weekend and they would complete the service at a cheaper cost. The business owner reviewed the calls and was mortified but was able to identify why his leads were not converting into customers. Also make sure that whoever is receiving the leads via email responds as soon as possible because that potential customer is also emailing the competition and whoever reaches out quickest will probably get the conversion.

    There are many, many more tips to keep in mind for designing a new site and increasing conversion rate that have not been mentioned here. Please feel free to comment and add your tips and suggestions too!

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