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Guerrilla Marketing: How Cubans Work Around a National Ban on Advertising

  • Loren Reply

    “The constitution doesn’t say you cannot promote products exactly. It says you cannot use the media to promote capitalism.”

    03/21 at 10:44 AM (22432)
  • Danielle Reply

    Despite the fact that censorship like this is totally wrong...I would love to watch commercial-free tv

    03/22 at 05:08 PM (22450)
    • Bill F Reply

      There are other ways to do this than censorship. The BBC has been broadcasting TV for 80 years now, and has never shown a commercial. The alternative: a television license, where you have to pay £180 per year for each TV in your house, which pays for four channels of BBC programming, and free broadcast TV service - with commercials though - at least equivalent to basic cable (about 60 channels). Would I take that option if it were available here? Maybe. I only pay for netflix and amazon, not cable, and the only thing I usually watch live is sports...

      03/28 at 09:43 AM (22538)
  • Monica Reply

    Yes, censorship is wrong, and the lack of advertising is weird, especially considering "Cuba's capitalist tomorrow," but advertising is really so sneaky and easy to fall for, I often wonder how many of what I think are my independent choices are governed by scheming ad executives in skyscrapers!

    03/23 at 03:41 PM (22472)
  • Chris W Reply

    we will never escape ads, soon enough it will be so blatant ala Truman Show (actually, we are pretty much there)

    03/28 at 10:09 AM (22545)