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Google to Launch New Content Recommendation System to Publishers

  • Jesse Reply

    Well, Google is at it again. This one could be interesting. Recommendation systems are always iffy. Sometimes they give you exactly what you want, while other times....

    02/19 at 08:18 AM (13186)
  • Chad Reply

    That is interesting. They are getting on the native advertising bandwagon. They will inevitably give you the option to allow advertising to others content. Smart.

    02/19 at 09:00 AM (13190)
  • Andrew Reply

    So essentially this an "Other Pages You May Like" section that's backed by Google?

    02/19 at 09:41 AM (13193)
  • Renee Reply

    This seems like a natural thing for Google to do, given its focus on ad revenue. This will give Zemanta, OutBrain, et al some competition. And mean, of course, that Google is more ubiquitous than ever.

    02/19 at 09:57 AM (13194)
  • Eric R Reply

    Google is trying to become the one stop shop for everything, so this makes sense. Do all your searching on Google, become a publishing partner with Adsense, run paid search with Adwords, find your weather here, book a restaurant reservation... etc....etc... It only makes sense that Google would jump on this opportunity to keep more users locked into their services.

    02/19 at 10:21 AM (13195)
  • Chad Reply

    Yeah. This means that pretty soon we'll be bidding to add our content to other people's "Other Pages You May Like." They will run over outbrain and zemanta because they are bringing a huge network of advertisers. Look at the SEW post. They use outbrain now but said they will immediately test Google.

    02/19 at 11:40 AM (13196)