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Google Says Penguin Not Ready Yet

  • Renee Reply

    In response to some inquiries on Twitter about Penguin yesterday, Google's Gary Illyes said the algo isn't quite ready yet. He said Google won't roll it out until it has been thoroughly tested.

    His tweets:
    "@elkeesmedia the penguins are getting closer to freedom, but we don't have a specific date yet #freethepenguins @google @mattcutts"

    "@elkeesmedia I realise that's not what you were looking for, but we can't release something we haven't tested extensively @mattcutts"

    01/05 at 09:54 AM (21433)
  • Chad Reply

    Very interesting. Now I see why they don't really want to talk about algo updates.

    01/05 at 10:02 AM (21434)
    • Renee Reply

      Yeah, they really should do some PR training. That first tweet was terrible. #FreethePenguins?

      01/05 at 10:32 AM (21435)
  • Chris S Reply

    Saw this in the Twitter thread:

    01/07 at 10:02 AM (21472)
  • Jeff Reply

    Calm before the storm.

    01/08 at 09:12 AM (21484)
    • Chris S Reply

      This really should be an interesting one - fasten your seat belts.

      01/08 at 01:38 PM (21498)
  • Renee Reply

    There is definitely some chatter. SERoundtable:
    "It might be Google is testing Penguin or some other ranking algorithm change in the search results on a subset of users. And when they are testing it, some users are seeing it and when they come back, the test might not be running. So their rankings jump up or drop down and then it goes back to where it was, like you'd see with any test."

    01/08 at 02:35 PM (21499)