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Google Is Finally Redesigning Its Biggest Cash Cow: AdWords

  • Angelina Marie Reply

    AdWords hasn’t seen a facelift in eight years. That changes today, as Google unrolls a new design to select AdWords customers, as part of a carefully paced, year-long makeover of the platform to conclude in 2017. The new AdWords will incorporate Material Design—Google’s modern design language that’s already being used across its other services—and it prioritizes clean graphical insights over lists of text and numbers.

    03/28 at 09:14 AM (22528)
    • Tim Reply

      Thanks Angelina for the heads up, totally using this for a blog post I have to write today!

      03/30 at 01:21 PM (22587)
  • Bill F Reply

    Hmm... of course I find out about this literally 2 minutes after I invite everyone to learn (the existing) AdWords with me.

    From what I've seen though it's a system that could use some redesign. Now if only "modern design" didn't mean getting rid of functionality more often than not.

    03/28 at 09:39 AM (22535)
    • Donato Reply

      Haha true Bill but no better time to learn than as the new changes are being implemented i suppose?

      03/28 at 12:37 PM (22548)
    • Katy S Reply

      Bill also on the Adwords update note, they're making some updates to the search advertising exam as well -

      03/28 at 03:23 PM (22555)
  • Ryan Reply

    Normally I'd be wary of such an extensive design overhaul, but I like Google's Material Design so much that I'm more excited than anxious. I'm sure there will still be hiccups and problems with the roll out, but I look forward to it.

    03/28 at 12:27 PM (22547)
    • Tim Reply

      Will it still be possible to Google all of the answers to the exam, because I've had a few people tell me that's still very much possible!

      03/28 at 05:01 PM (22562)
  • Renee Reply

    "The last AdWords was built when most of us were still using flip phones."

    03/28 at 04:33 PM (22558)
  • Chad Reply

    I don't envy the product managers on this project. I think Google really wants small businesses to be able to run their adwords campaign themselves which means it needs to be radically simpler than it is today. The problem is that the current users are agency types (us) who want more power-user features. Anybody remember Microsoft Bob?

    03/28 at 04:38 PM (22559)
    • Nick P Reply

      Chad - I had no idea what Microsoft Bob was! So I googled it and went to the Wiki page. I think this quote sums it up: "Microsoft's Steve Ballmer mentioned Bob as an example of a situation in which "we decided that we have not succeeded and let's stop"".

      03/29 at 11:35 AM (22566)