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Google’s Next Penguin Update to Happen Within “Weeks”

  • Katy S Reply

    "Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst, Gary Illyes, stated on Twitter today the next Penguin update is due to roll out within weeks. At the very latest, it should launch by the end of this quarter. This is the closest thing to a launch date we’ve heard out of the Google camp with respect to the next Penguin update. While reluctant to give an exact time frame, Illyes has at least given an estimate to hold over questioning webmasters and SEOs."

    01/20 at 05:00 PM (21666)
  • Matt Reply


    Thanks for sharing that update. We will have a to wait a little longer to gauge impact.

    01/20 at 05:22 PM (21667)
  • Renee Reply

    Why it's so hard for Google to confirm updates:…

    01/20 at 08:46 PM (21668)
  • Matt Reply

    No new news over the weekend on Penguin.

    01/25 at 09:32 AM (21692)
    • Renee Reply

      But we know of one Panda rolling in the snow:

      01/25 at 01:36 PM (21703)
    • Aleks Reply

      Wow, cutest thing ever! Thanks for that Renee :D

      01/27 at 09:12 AM (21739)
    • Josh B. Reply

      That's great! Talk about making the most of things haha

      01/27 at 10:03 AM (21743)
  • Donato Reply

    Interesting. I wonder how much will really be changed this time

    01/25 at 01:40 PM (21704)