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Free Backlink Sites Currently Being Tested

That's right, we like to test everything before we do it. This is probably the big problem you've run into. You read something, and then you wonder: "Does this really work?" And" "Where's the data?". We read these posts every day. So we like to test things. In the SEO world, the information (or misinformation) is a serious problem. The list below is currently being tested.






Does the content you post actually get indexed by Google? Are the links DoFollow or NoFollow? Is the content posted on a sub-domain. This is the stuff you need to know as a link builder.

The Free Backlink List Problem

If you are reading this, the chances are that hundreds (and probably thousands) of backlink seekers have read this ahead of you. So... Think that through. That means that the sites on this list have already been run over with Internet Marketers looking to boost their rankings. Many of the sites being promoted are, well, less than ideal. You can see the problem here. As soon as a backlink site makes it to a list, it is probably already shut down due to spammy links and Google concerns.

Does content marketing work for building backlinks?

Well, first-off, there is huge confusion as to what Content Marketing even is and how much we should be spending on it. A recent survey showed B2B marketers allocate 28% to content marketing.

How do I get high quality backlinks to my website?

Ahh - The ago-old SEO question, and it's still being asked in every SEO forum around the world in 2019. Man, it feels just like 2008. Most people want a list and want to be able to punch this out on their own. But the reality is that you will need to form relationships if you really want to land the great link. Furthermore, people underestimate just how hard it is to be noticed on the Internet.
Yes, 2 million blog posts are created each day... Is yours going to stand out without a ton of backlinks to it? Spoiler, no! This is why you need a great backlinking strategy - which is why you are reading this... But content marketing is about more than links. It is about great content that people want to read. As I have discussed this with many people, I have found there is serious confusion around how to create great content.
Very quickly, you see that SEO strategy merges the concepts of content marketing, public relations and link building. Or maybe you don't see that yet, and you just want a free backlink. Cool.

The History of Backlinking

Backlinks are still a major factor in the Google algorithm. While many people have declared that SEO is dead, in 2019 you still need backlinks if you want to rank your website. For smaller websites this creates a very large dilemma.

Without traffic to start with it is very hard to attract links to a website. Yet you can't have traffic if you don't have links. It is a catch-22 that many of small website owners are very familiar with as they struggle to gain traction online.

This is not a new problem. The issue of finding high-quality links to your website has been around for years. Google has essentially created an ecosystem driven by backlinks, which is why many website owners are currently trying to see how they can score a link for free. As Google has become more sophisticated the tactics have been shifting. It is now much more difficult to find a high-quality back length and it was several years ago. In this article I plan to walk through several strategies for securing dofollow links to your website as well as practical how to guides for those just starting out in search engine optimization and content marketing.

There are many guides available from the big names in search engine optimization for how to complete SEO. This is not an all-encompassing backlink building guide. Campuses here is how to get a high-quality link for free in 2019. First let's start with a definition of a high-quality link. Most people know in the world search engine optimization that relevance is very very helpful for raking your site. Finding websites that have a very similar topic to yours that will link to you is an excellent way to build authority in Google's eyes. For example if your website is about internet marketing, it is much more preferable to have a link from another digital marketing website then from a site whose focus is on pets. So as you work on your link building, focus on other websites that are in your niche and try to persuade them to offer you a link. A second important factor in the strength of a backlink is the domain Authority or domain rating of the site linking to you. Again, insiders know these terms very well and are able to get this data from several third party audit tools such as ahrefs or SEMRush. If you are not familiar with these terms, the "domain rating" is an overall statistic that tells you the strength of a website which is very helpful in determining if you want a link from that website. A more specific statistic is page rating, which is the strength of the particular page that might link to you. It is possible to get a link from a domain where the high overall domain rating, on a specific page that does not have a particularly high page rating. It is optimal to get a link from a page that is well rated as well as a domain that has high domain rating. However, if your objective is to get a free link for your website it is unlikely that it will be a high domain rating link. The reason for this is that high quality backlinks are expensive to acquire in are unlikely to be offered for free. In your search for someone who will create a backlink for free for you, also watch out for private blog Networks. Private blog networks, or PBN's, are very common in the world of Link building. A private blog network is exactly what it sounds like. Is a group of websites owned by a common webmaster who will frequently sell links or offer links for free on the sites that they own. Google frowns upon this tactic because they see it as a form of gaming the system. They much prefer website owners to earn their backlinks organically, without any influence or persuasion. If you confused about this, get an SEO consultation. However, you have realized that this is particularly difficult, which is why you are reading this blog post and looking for free backlinks. Another common source for free backlinks is guest blog posting. This is a process in which the owner of a website will allow you to contribute an article for their readers in return for a backlink to your website. This can be a source of good free backlinks if you pick the site carefully and approach domains with good authority and relevance as discussed above. When doing guest blog posting it is important to write a very high-quality article that will be pleasing to the readers on the domain you have approached. If you do not add value to their blog, they may not post your work which means you won't get a backlight. If you can impress them with what you created, they're likely to remember you and your relationship may open other opportunities for gaining more publicity for your website. Some website owners will require that you pay them to post a guest blog post with a backlink nested in it. Others will want to exchange posts so they can get a link back from you. There are several other tactics that people used to use to get free backlinks to their websites that have fallen out of favor. In 2019 I do not recommend pursuing these tactics any longer. Here are a few that used to be quite popular the Google has taken strong actions to discourage. For many years people got free backlinks through comments on blogs. In the early days a comment that you left on someone else's blog would be a backlink to your blog and was dofollow. Unfortunately this tactic became overwhelming for many blog owners and Google started to see it as a manipulative approach to building links. For a while many websites changed the links to nofollow as a way to dissuade people from spamming their comments. However, some experiments demonstrated that nofollow links still pass link juice and the comment spam continued. More recently people have discontinued the practice of allowing links for comments at all. Others have moved to comment platform such as Disquss, that do not pass any link juice either.
Another tactic that was popular in the early days of search engine optimization is building profiles on university sites. For example, many university websites allowed you to register and have a user profile that included the ability to post hyperlink. Since the University website is very strong, backlink builders quickly realized they could build many many profiles, each containing a backlink to a website. For a long time this was a popular method of getting free backlinks to your website and is still used today. I do not recommend it though A quick search on Fiverr will show you that you can acquire thousands of backlinks for $5. Why these back links are not exactly free, $5 is very close to free. We have experimented with buying these links to see what would happen to a website we didn't care about. Many of the search engine optimization technicians on Fiverr use commonly available software for building low quality backlinks to fulfill the gig. These include several of the tactics outlined above such as comment links and university profiles. We have never seen great results from these tests and in a few cases have been able to push rankings down using these legs. It is our opinion that Google has evolved to the point where they understand when low quality backlinks from free sites have been used which is why this approach should be avoided. So how do you get high quality do follow the links for free? Of all the tactics that we've covered in this article I would highly recommend guest blog posting as a most reliable way insecure free backlinks to your website. Target websites that have a reasonable domain rating and write a good piece that will make the website owner happy to link to you. If you can find a vendor who has relationships with real newspapers and bloggers, that is also excellent. They can introduce you to them for a fee, which will facilitate the relationship building required to earn a backlink. Related Searches:

Get backlinks online free

Every digital marketer I speak to is looking to get backlinks online free. Why wouldn't they be. The problem? Free backlinks are usually worthless. Right. You get what you pay for. Why would you want links that won't help your site rank? You wouldn't. Yet - People pursue these strategies endlessly.

Get Free Backlinks to My website

Isn't this the entire point in low-cost SEO? People want to rank, but they don't have budget. Getting free backlinks for website properties becomes a very important part of your off-site SEO approach. In fact, this may need to be as high as 80% of your activity. Of course, you need to build a high-quality asset first. But after you have something people want, what then? That's right. Secure backlinks for your property.

Get Free Backlinks Instantly

I get it. You are impatient. You need backlinks now. This is not how real business works. Patience is rewarded. Google is no different. They have engineered patience into their algorithm. Think it over. Why did they do this? They know that 99% of marketers can't stay on-topic for very long. Therefore, they want to sort out the really dedicated marketers from those who have need things instantly. They reward high quality content, and they know this comes with time and staying power (the opposite of instant).

Create backlinks free

Many SEO's don't like the idea of "creating backlinks freely" as they think they need to be earned. Indeed, Google has warned us off of large-scale link creation, which they label "link schemes." What exactly is a link scheme? How does it differ from your daily efforts to create backlinks at no cost? This is where things get gray. What is clear is that you should aim for high-quality links and avoid really bad ones (low DR and irrelevant). And this is where you hit a problem when you are working with a tiny budget or budget of $0.

Get free dofollow backlinks

How do I get free dofollow backlinks? First, understand what the difference is between DoFollow and NoFollow. Once you have this understanding, you will want 90% of your backlinks to be DoFollow. And you will quickly notice that scoring a great link will be hard, or very expensive. You can pay with your time - which is our recommended method. Get in the mix, contact people, build relationships. This, combined with excellent content, will land you free dofollow backlinks over time.

How to increase backlinks for free

This is an entire blog post by itself. How to increase backlinks for free? Well, there are numerous lists out there - like ours. This is a great place to start. Do the work. Get your fingers moving. Stop searching for more strategy and start talking to people. If you take the next 10 articles you read called "how to increase backlinks for free" and actually do 100% of what they tell you, I would make a strong prediction that you will see your rankings improve. If you do all that work and nothing happens, I'd love to hear about it - something is seriously wrong, and we could probably help if you sign up for a free SEO consultation. In most cases, you don't need an SEO consultation. You need a discipline consultation. Your issue is less about lack of knowledge, and more about lack of focus... For that, I'd send you to other resources (my favorite is Sam Harris' Waking Up Course).

How to get free backlinks to my website

The beginner SEO question: How to get backlinks to my website? Surely there must be an easy answer to this, right? WRONG. Once you get high-quality content on your site and you have a strong brand, how you get backlinks to your website is the entire battle. It is like an arms race circa 1982. Instead of ICBMs we are talking about backlink counts. This is the world that Google has set up, get used to it. Until their algorithm changes significantly, or they stop showing organic results entirely (not impossible in the future) you need to get backlinks to your website.

Free High Backlinks

I love this search, and can only guess that "free high backlinks" means free high DR backlinks, but the searcher was too lazy to type in DR... WOW! Okay, so you want high DR. That's understanding. How do you attract these free High DR backlinks? In short, you need to make excellent content first. You need to have something strong that people want to link to. Then you need to reach out to others. You can't expect these influences and link creators to just link to you without a push. There is work required on your end. Network, discuss, email, reach out. Get in the mix and talk to people. Along the way, watch for opportunities to ask for a link - they will come.

Backlinks to My Site Free

I get these emails all the time in broken English: "Dear sir, Please backlinks to my site free". Do we ever reply to these poorly constructed asks? No. Never. How do they keep working? Why do people keep sending them? My only theory is that email is such a cheap technology and the cost is just too low to care. Perhaps they are put on set-and-forget and someone really FORGOT to turn the email backlink request machine off.


Build backlinks for free

This search is at least well-formed English. I would like to find a source to build backlinks for free. Got it. Welcome to the world of link-building. Of course, Google wants just the opposite. Because backlinks largely drive the algorthm, the more backlink sources you find for free, the easier it is to rank in Google. This is at odds with Google's objective to make it difficult for low-quality sites to rank. You see the game here. Also, as soon as you find a way to build backlinks for free, and tell others about it, won't that source become overrun with low-quality link builders (i.e., spam)? How long will this source continue?

Get free backlinks

Get free backlinks. Doh! No kidding folks. This entire lengthy diatribe is about this very topic. Again, people doing digital marketing on a very small budget are ALL looking to get free backlinks. However, they only want links that work. As Google has evolved, low-DR links and other links that can be mass produced have lost their effective. Google has tasked their Web Spam team with the objective of programmatically avoiding links that are easy (i.e., free). So if you think you have found a great source, think again. That source will not be around for long. It will soon be overrun by low-budget marketers pushing low-quality websites. Think it through. Strong businesses have budget, so they are not trying to get free backlinks, they will pay their PR team to land great ones.

Backlinks free online

The problem with any website that advertising "backlinks free online" is that they are rapidly overrun by low-quality websites seeking to build backlinks at a very low cost (or free). These are commonly called web spammers, although the term SPAM has a very specific meaning related to emails that do not follow the CAN-SPAM act. Regardless, when you approach any organization that boasts "Backlinks Free Online" I would urge extreme caution. Can you trust them? What is the DR of the link? How long have they been around? Enter into a dialog around how these backlinks will work, and if the website owner even knows they are being placed (yes, you'd be surprised).

Free good backlinks

So what defines free good backlinks? From Google's point-of-view, this would be a link that was 100% editorially placed. That means that there was no influence, trading and certainly no money changing hands (which wouldn't make it free, would it?). Additionally, you'd want that link to be high DR (as measured by ahrefs). You also want that link to be relevant. How exactly do you gauge if a backlink is relevant or not? Well, my favorite way is to see what the page linking to you ranks on. The logic here is that the keywords Google has decided to rank the page is the best possible indication of what Google thinks the page is about. Furthermore, the higher it ranks on those keywords, the stronger Google thinks that resource is. You can see the issue here immediately. The ideal free good backlinks are, therefore, backlinks from your competitors who rank on the very same keyword phrases you are chasing. Good luck with that.

Get high quality backlinks free

Every digital marketer want to learn how to get high quality backlinks. In SEO, that's the name of the game (after you've developed great content and done the appropriate technical updates). So how exactly do you do this? Well, you are here - that's a great start. You need to read other blogs and engage with others. It is amazing to me how few people actually interact with the people at the websites they browse. This is a huge mistake. If you form a relationship with people, they are much more likely to link to you. Just try it! For example, we have a contact form. What would happen if you filled it out and asked us if there was a fit with any of your content? What if we spoke for a while and realized that we have a bunch of things in common. Or maybe you filled out our SEO Consultation Offer and we hit it off. After that, you'd probably get a wonderful high quality backlink from us for free. But you won't do those things, now will you?

How to get free backlinks to your website

From the top, for beginners: How to get free backlinks to your website? Step 1: Great content. Nobody wants to link to a website that is 5 minutes old and has broken English on it. You need something of interest. Something people will want to share. Something helpful. We call this a linkable asset (as do others). We didn't invent this term. Step 2: People have to know about your great content. You need to promote your website. On a small budget, this means using email, forums, offline relationships, whatever. Comment on other people's blogs. Get into the mix. Join discussions and conversations. Anything you can to build a presence. As those relationships form, you will learn how to get free backlinks to your website because the topic will come up from time-to-time. One especially great tip: Give something of value away first. Earn the right to ask for a backlink before you make the ask. If you don't know what this means, you are not giving anything of value away. Do more!

Free high DR backlinks

Let's be honest, free high DR backlinks are extremely rare. I have seen some .edu sites where spammers have taken over the profile sections. Universities often use interns to run their websites, and also have very high DR. As students come and go, nobody is really paying attention to how many profile sign-ups they are getting. As a result, you can easily sign up for a profile and get a free high DR backlink from the profile page. Does this work anymore? I don't know. We have not tested this method as it feels old and unsustainable. If Google hasn't figured out that profile pages are thin then maybe it would work. If you could put 1,000 unique words on your profile page, it would probably rank. This isn't a bad little experiment to run. If anyone has any data, we'd love to link to it.

How to do backlinks for free

People. If it is a free backlink you are looking for, how much it is actully worth? This is the problem with free stuff. It is essentially worthless. Nonetheless, people well spend hours, day and even weeks chasing after a "deal" beacuse they love to win. Simon Sinek tells us why this is the case. We all have a dopimine addiction and winning is a chemical process in our brains that is immensely satisfying. Can you turn link building into a game? Can you condition yourself with a positive reinforcement every time you land a free backlink. Try it. For every "how to do backlinks for free" article you read, see if you can give yourself a little positive hit. Watch what happens over a month of this activity. Do you wake up thinking about how to bag backlinks for free? Are you day-dreaming about link building schemes? I would be very interested if this was the case. Furthermore, "how to do backlinks for free" is bad English. You should really ba asking the "best way to get backlinks free" or "free backlink submission sites." Free backlinks for your website

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