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Four Mobile Dos and Don'ts for SMBs

  • JingPing Reply

    06/01 at 09:48 AM (18790)
  • Andrea Reply

    This is really good article. Being mobile friendly is super important.

    06/01 at 10:25 AM (18792)
  • Member 15206 Reply

    Good stuff, more things that hopefully local businesses are aware of!

    06/01 at 11:20 AM (18799)
  • Seth Reply

    I feel like more small businesses need to read number 4. Try as you might, this stuff moves too quickly to do it all alone.

    06/01 at 11:48 AM (18802)
  • Jamie B Reply

    So true. These things are everywhere, but business owners still don't follow the recommendations

    06/01 at 03:56 PM (18806)
  • Megan Reply

    Staying up to date on industry changes is particularly challenging, I think. You get comfortable doing something that works and then a change to the policy/algorithm/etc sneaks up on you and your'e not ready

    06/02 at 05:41 PM (18818)
  • Karli Reply

    I must admit I'm puzzled that some SMBs are struggling so much with getting their websites mobile friendly. It's honestly not even that expensive to get a new responsive site these days.

    06/03 at 09:33 AM (18825)