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Feature Request: Email notification for Phone leads

  • Matt Reply

    One of our resellers wanted a feature that will send an email alert when a new phone call comes in to the dashboard.

    Please chime in and let me know if others would find this useful as well.

    09/09 at 12:55 PM (10096)
  • Jeff_Fisher Reply

    Matt- I would love that. Just moved some clients over from another provider that used CallRail for notifications. My client has several branch locations and so both branch managers, district managers and even the owners could be notified of the calls that come in.

    09/09 at 01:28 PM (10099)
  • Chad Reply

    I get web lead notifications but in the past I wasn't sure about this one... the phone rings a lot and is often existing customers calling. Wouldn't people be conditioned to just ignore this? I understand Jeff's point but still how do you limit the noise this will generate?

    09/09 at 01:41 PM (10101)
  • Jesse Reply

    That sounds like a good idea off the cuff, but Chad raises a good point.

    09/09 at 01:55 PM (10102)
  • Ben V. Reply

    I don't know about you all, but most of our clients get a lot of calls. That's a lot of notifications. I like the idea, but it needs to have a "disable" feature for high volume accounts.

    09/09 at 03:04 PM (10109)