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Feature Request - Track keywords in different languages

  • Mick Reply

    Hi all, I do some work in HK and many clients require ranking on English keywords, I am aware HS don't do SEO in any other language than English and it makes sense to stay that way, but.... can we at least track keywords in other languages? (meaning we can do our own SEO on those and use the HS system to monitor)

    I am aware we can track different SERPs so is it a case of allowing the character set to be recognized, I say this because....

    I added two Chinese keywords to a campaign and on clicking submit it displayed the keyword as ????? in the list, odd thing is after a few days when the rankings pulled through and the list was sorted by keyword ranking the ????? were both in different places on the list leading me to believe perhaps it was working but I could not see the keyword due to character set.


    10/14 at 09:00 PM (10938)
  • Aqeel Reply

    In case you're not already aware, we're having a webinar on Thursday (Oct 24) at 3pm EDT to address this concern!

    Register for the webinar, and take the pre-webinar survey to let us know which feature requests are most important to you.

    10/22 at 02:51 PM (11087)
  • Chad Reply

    Mick... the answer here is about the same as the other international question. It isn't supported right now. We can only check rankings with one language per campaign.

    10/30 at 09:50 AM (11195)
  • Mick Reply

    Hi Chad, thanks, so your saying "We can only check rankings with one language per campaign" I can track other languages if the entire campaign is in a different language? I was getting the impression your system couldn't track other languages, but your saying it can, just not in the same campaign?


    10/30 at 09:37 PM (11202)
  • Chad Reply

    Mick. We never designed or tested the software for foreign character sets. Again, I hate to continue to be the bearer of bad news on your questions about international support but our dev commitment right now is to get proposal pdf export and a new daily/weekly email report.

    10/31 at 09:31 PM (11216)
    • Adam Reply

      Sorry. Wish we could. But there are not enough folks out there ready to use this feature.

      12/30 at 06:48 PM (12370)