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Feature Request (Tie phone calls to keywords)

  • Matt Reply

    One of our clients asked if there is a way we can tie keyword level data to calls in the sales tab. He would also like to assign that keyword/call a value (what the call is worth).

    Tracking the customer after the call would be another great feature as well.

    10/28 at 03:01 PM (11156)
  • Member 7133 Reply

    thanks Matt,
    One of the biggest problems we face is showing customers ROI. We would love to see the ability to not only track a phone call's value, but where it came from so we can optimize to successful leads. We could even have an automated feature at the end of the call where you input a value for a conversion or lead? I know call centers here have used systems like that in the past.
    Current Conversion tracking allows us to link almost all of our data together except for phone and lead tracking.
    We have a customer go search for "best plumber in oklahoma city"
    they see our customers ad, click through to the site and then call the contact #.
    The plumbers answers the phone, takes the customer information down and after the call marks it as a lead.

    We would like to see this information passed through back to google analytics as a lead and potentially as a value that the customer can enter in with the keyword level data and paid search attributed to the conversion.

    10/28 at 03:16 PM (11157)
  • Bill Reply

    we would very much like to see this feature. We have been approached by two other vendors that offer this but the price is too steep. Is there a way that Hubshout can give us this data? You already have the phone tracking, and you have the ability to access the analytics data / SEM data. Is there a way these two can meet and be merry?

    10/28 at 03:54 PM (11160)
  • Kyle Reply

    I also got that a lot when I was an AM. I know we've discussed it in the past, but not sure where we are as far as implementing it though. The demand is definitely there!

    10/28 at 04:22 PM (11161)