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FEATURE REQUEST: Option to click directly into client dashboard view

  • Jeff_Fisher Reply

    As I understand it, in order for me to review the dashboard with my client, I need to know their password so that I can log into their account prior to conducting a review with them.

    Please create a feature that simply allows me to click on "Client View" and the dashboard for the client is opened up.

    It just seems logical especially if my client only gets access to certain modules, and likes to change their password.

    09/22 at 11:48 PM (10322)
  • Member 9598 Reply

    I couldn't agree more. I also think a client should be able to view a proposal generated by the dashboard without having to log in.

    09/23 at 04:04 PM (10365)
  • AdamUK Reply

    Would be useful. What I did as a work around was set up an account called 'CLIENTS' and then add that user to a group that I all access to client campaigns. Of course I restrict what the 'CLIENTS' user has access to in order to reflect what my clients see.

    Hope that helps.

    09/25 at 09:38 AM (10442)