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FEATURE REQUEST: Notifications on Content Creation (Blog, Articles, Infographics, Videos, etc)

  • AdamUK Reply

    I've been with HS now for about 5 or 6 months now and I am getting into the swing of things. I have an extremely simple request that would help me a lot and I'm guessing help other resellers.

    I would like to receive a notification via a task each time a new form of content has been created for my client that would benefit from either a further action on my part or the clients.

    For example, when a new video is approved and finalized, I would like to receive a notification in the form of a task stating it is finalized and I / my client should include it on their company YouTube channel and also mention it on their social platforms and blog.

    This would really help because it seems at the moment I need to check what is completed in the SEO Content section and then take the initiative to take the next step. This is a problem when running multiple campaigns with missing updates. I know that some relevant tasks created have a small notification advising the content item is promoted by the client further but to be honest I only started noticing these a couple of weeks ago!

    These types of notification tasks could of course just be created by the HS system and then I can update them to 'complete' when I'm done and if I don't then my AM should give me a reminder/kick.

    I feel that at the moment HS is creating a nicely varied content marketing profile which I/my clients have not been taking full advantage of due to this.

    How do other resellers feel about this idea?

    Is this something HS can set up? If I am missing something let me know.

    Cheers all!

    09/17 at 06:04 AM (10214)
  • Ben V. Reply

    I think this is a fantastic idea. As resellers take on more and more campaigns to oversee/manage, this becomes a very useful and needed feature. Please consider it guys.

    09/17 at 09:53 AM (10220)
  • AdamUK Reply

    Thanks for chiming in Ben and backing my idea ;-D

    09/17 at 10:48 AM (10227)
  • Return On Now Reply

    Agreed - it would be very useful to have notifications of when videos, infographics, and other content are available and ready for customer review. That said, I don't want notifications to go to the clients directly, as I want to review before sharing (had a video issue recently and chose not to share with them).

    09/17 at 12:59 PM (10236)
  • Carissa Reply

    That's a great idea guys! We have been talking a lot about that, having a better place to have "further action required" to pop up for resellers, without end clients seeing it. I think the dashboard is the exact place for that and I know we've been discussing this on our end as well! I am not sure how soon that feature might roll out, but it in discussion for sure!

    I love the idea of recently posted content as well; you currently can see all the content in the SEO tab, so all the videos, etc. For now a quick fix might be looking at the workflow tab in the SEO module; so then you can see what was recently completed!

    09/17 at 02:30 PM (10238)
  • AdamUK Reply

    Yes, notifications should of course be only for us resellers - our clients should not see them.

    BTW, I would like support tasks I create not to show up in the 'Workflow' tabs where my client could read the name of the support task title. I only noticed this recently and I wrote a title for support task I created today carefully so as not to cause the client to wonder.

    09/17 at 04:39 PM (10240)
  • AdamUK Reply

    Just wondered if there were any updates on this notification request. Again, I noticed a new article was placed a few days ago and I would have had mentions on the client's social media profiles right away if I had received a notification.

    Please please add the type of notification described so that I know any time new content is published as soon as possible.


    10/11 at 05:43 PM (10883)
  • Jason G. Reply

    Great feedback. As I know it to be we are offering "REVIEW CLIENT PENDING" for anyone that has premium writers. This gives you the opportunity to review the content before its placed. Also in regards to videos we do send out a task that has the reseller review the video before we post them. Have you seen any of theses Adam UK?

    10/14 at 01:25 PM (10900)
  • Svea Shout Reply

    Anything that can help the customer stay more in tune with their advertising plans is a great idea. I think making things just a tad easier for the client can save them loads of time, and produce a happy advertising company/client relationship, and at Hubshout that is always what we are looking for!

    10/14 at 01:38 PM (10901)
  • Return On Now Reply

    I have not been receiving notice of any videos or Infographics before they go live. Two of my videos have had typos in them the past 3 months, so I would very much like to have someone sign off on these before they go live. Especially when the client branding is included on the assets - they react negatively when they see videos with low res images and typos, with their logo included.

    10/14 at 03:13 PM (10924)