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Europe to Vote on Google Breakup Proposal

  • Katy S Reply

    "The proposal cites a frequent complaint: that Google search results are ranked based on what's best for Google as a business, not the user. It also calls for a drastic move "to restore competition in the online marketplace.""

    11/26 at 10:01 AM (16234)
  • Tim A Reply

    90% is a ridiculously high market share. However, it seems justified if they consistently provide the best service.

    11/26 at 02:55 PM (16242)
  • Karli Reply

    I think there should be a recognition that online marketplaces function differently than physical ones in terms of whether government intervention is necessary to break up monopolies. It's not like consumers in Europe can't type in their queries to Yahoo or Bing if they want!

    12/01 at 09:06 AM (16251)
    • Member 11810 Reply

      You're right. Google is so prominent because they started providing a better service at a pivotal moment, but they're more than a company at this point- they're a cultural touchstone. As crazy as a 90% market share might sound, conducting a Google search is less about choosing a specific business and more about using the Internet in a normal way.

      12/01 at 10:06 AM (16261)
  • Jamie B Reply

    Maybe google makes for an easier translation?

    12/01 at 09:14 AM (16253)
  • Andrea Reply

    People just like using Google the best. People can choose any search engine they want when using the internet, they don't have to use Google.

    12/01 at 11:55 AM (16266)