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Estimating the impact of Google's mobile update

  • Matt Reply

    Solid article on SEW regarding Google's mobile update on April 21st.

    03/27 at 11:06 AM (18015)
  • Ashley B Reply

    Thanks Matt! There is also a Daily Brown Bag covering Google's Mobile-Friendly Ranking Factor Roll Out in April. Click Here for the Link.

    03/27 at 04:29 PM (18027)
  • Chris S Reply

    I almost posted that article, Matt. During a Q and A session this week, our Web team lead showed us how to check how a site looks on mobile by going to it in Chrome and right-clicking and selecting Inspect Element (anywhere). There's a little phone icon you can click and all sorts of dials you can use for device and speed. Really cool and useful.

    03/27 at 05:36 PM (18032)
    • Chris W Reply

      Wow, thanks for that tidbit Chris, I never knew that. Will definitely get this to my reseller's attention!

      03/30 at 11:20 AM (18043)
  • Karli Reply

    More information is always useful in deciding how much rush there is to update a site to be mobile friendly (and how much money to spend on it), but I think businesses need to remember that they're probably also going to see way lower conversion if they don't make their sites mobile compatible. Google is one thing, but consumers have also spoken, and they want mobile-friendly sites!

    03/30 at 09:08 AM (18037)
  • Chris S Reply

    This is the topic for our latest Webinar (this Thursday), by the way. Check the Resources > Webinars page...

    03/30 at 01:40 PM (18050)