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Edit "Deliverables Summary" Doesn't Work

  • Steve Reply

    I don't want this stated in my proposal: We will layout and load content for 5 pages (Services, About, Contact with a web to lead form, Home, Blog).

    I should be able to change it shouldn't I?

    There;a "Edit Section" button there, but it only redirects me back to Service Plans page again.

    Can you fix this please?


    08/29 at 09:52 AM (9860)
  • Jenna Reply

    One of the Account Managers/Customer Service members will definitely help you with that. Thanks for posting here.

    08/29 at 02:34 PM (9876)
  • Carissa Reply

    Steve, are you seeing this on the "deliverables" tab? If it's in the deliverable section you are not able to edit or modify the wording, only the service and pricing.

    08/29 at 02:59 PM (9882)
  • Steve Reply

    It has an "Edit Section" button there. If it is NOT editable, take the green button off that area for us. I tried to go back in for you Carissa, but then I got the...

    Oh boy. The system has had an error!

    Our team has been notified. Thanks for your patience while we look into this issue.

    If this is extremely serious, please make note of the following error number.

    UI Error: 13-8-29-8781

    08/29 at 06:07 PM (9891)
  • Digital Marketing Maniacs Reply

    Steve, you seem to hate a lot of things about the proposal platform. I started using Bidsketch for my proposals, and just copy and pasting the wording that I like into that program.

    Its a nice alternative because you can print out the proposal, or you can send it digitally and be notified when they have opened it, what pages they viewed etc, and even get a digital signature.

    Than may be a better system for you, since you seem to want to customize a lot of stuff on the proposals.

    08/30 at 12:50 PM (9909)
  • Steve Reply

    Thanks Friedland! Yeah, I'm hard to get along with I guess. I just like things to work right when I use them... I'm funny like that! Thanks for the tip on Bidsketch.

    I know all my friends at Hubshout are doing their best. Love you all!

    08/30 at 05:18 PM (9926)
  • Jesse Reply

    The trusty Hubshout team will always be there to help. Some things are easy to fix, and others are a bit more involved. They'll always "git-er-done" though!

    09/03 at 09:09 AM (9935)