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Democrat & Chronicle Talks SEO

  • Danielle Reply

    Just saw this article in the Sunday paper. Pretty good explanation of SEO, I think.

    03/27 at 12:37 PM (22523)
  • Member 19075 Reply

    Wow very cool, thanks.

    03/28 at 09:05 AM (22524)
  • Juliagulia Reply

    Nice. Thanks for sharing!

    03/28 at 09:12 AM (22526)
  • Amanda Reply

    UGH. That first sentence. Has no one heard of punctuation?

    03/28 at 09:23 AM (22531)
    • Ryan Reply

      They're also missing a 'the,' and the entire first paragraph isn't engaging at all.

      This is way more fun than actually talking about the content of the article!

      03/28 at 09:34 AM (22532)
    • Bill F Reply

      Your assignment, if you should have chosen to accept it: write the lede in the form of a long tail keyword

      03/28 at 09:40 AM (22536)
  • Josh B. Reply

    Nice little rundown of SEO there. Thanks for posting!

    03/28 at 09:35 AM (22533)
  • Jen Reply

    Eep! Good info, but that could have used an editor.

    Fun fact: my brother works for the company that sponsored this piece. Sibling rivalry, anyone?

    03/28 at 09:51 AM (22540)