HubShout SEM System Release Notes

Dashboard Updates: Accounts, Proposals, Workflow

  • Jeff Reply

    We ask for our customers to give us a lot of feedback and in turn love to innovate. Recently, we received more feedback on our dashboard and how we could improve its usability.

    The first screen we updated was the Accounts pages. We’ve included a filter option to toggle between Active and Inactive campaigns. And, we’ve included the option to filter whether they are Cold or Closed/Won.

    You will also notice that we’ve added the option to add a new account just above it

    Next, we’ve made some adjustments to the Proposal screen. There is a “New Proposal” button above the list of proposals. Selecting this will take you to a new screen to create proposal for an Existing Account or a New Account. If it is an existing account, we built a new screen to give the option to select a proposal for any account that isn’t already active.

    We also made an update to the SEO Scorecard. When selecting it from your agency dashboard, the left column stays. Previously, that column would disappear

    We’ve also fixed a bug in the Workflow tab and added an additional filter.

    Finally, when entering a task note, the text will now be removed after submission. Previously, the text would remain and there was a possibility for double submission of task notes

    Again, we appreciate all the feedback provided!

    09/20 at 02:52 PM (23346)