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Cutts Comes Out of Retirement to Talk About Penguin & Core Updates

  • Renee Reply

    Matt Cutts is still on leave, but participated in a TWIG (This Week in Google) discussion about all the algo activity recently. He said that Google doesn't typically roll out changes in mid-December so it doesn't stress out publishers, SEOs and webmasters. But Google keeps working on algo changes during that hold time, then releases them all later. So it seems a bit drastic when all those changes come out and it often is the beginning of the year after "the code freeze."

    If you miss seeing Matt, check out the TWIG video (fast forward to the 1 hour 3 minute mark):

    Read the recap on SERoundtable:

    01/26 at 12:57 PM (21721)
  • Renee Reply

    FYI. I like the beard.

    01/26 at 12:57 PM (21722)
  • Adam Reply

    Matt talks about LOAD SPEED fairly openly. He says that page speed should be viewed as a tie-breaker, not a heavy ranking factor on it's own. He said that page rank and relevance to "answer the searchers' question" are still primary.

    01/26 at 01:16 PM (21723)
  • Chris Reply

    Over 500 changes to the algorithm every year.

    01/26 at 01:28 PM (21724)