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Cut through the crap and get real!

  • Angelina Marie Reply

    I am a story teller. I am that person who talks about how much I love marketing and advertising. I would say I live and breathe it. I am recognizing that this is bullsh!t. Yes I spend the majority of my time reading "How To" books, networking, skimming through publications like CMYK and HOW magazine, following Google, Ad Age and Search Engine Land on Twitter, and reading group discussions on LinkedIn, just to name a few of my "hobbies". I was part of professional organizations like American Advertising Federation and San Diego Ad Club. I even volunteered with the Ad Council. But who really cares? When it comes down to general conversation, my "passion" does not excite other people. Who really cares if I love the concept behind a University of Rochester billboard along 490, or the "Open Happiness" campaign from Coca-Cola that tugs at people's heart strings? The only people who really care are people in the industry. So in general conversation, how can I tell someone that I am passionate about marketing? What does that even mean? And why should people even care?

    What I truly live and breathe is much deeper than what I do as a career. I am passionate about making people feel better, recognizing people, and making people feel important. I am passionate about making positive differences in the lives of others. I am passionate about bringing new ideas and a fresh perspective to people's lives and point of views. I am passionate about seeing the world a little differently and curious about the future. I love having information at my finger tips and being able to share my opinion. Most importantly, I am passionate about getting out in the world and learning new things so I can share what I learn with other people. And I do all of this, through marketing.

    Here is some good advice. Dig deeper into what you love to do, and let the truth be told. Don't sell yourself short by keeping the conversation light because you feel that you may sound more important by telling people "what" you do instead of "why" you do it.

    "People don't buy what you do. They buy why you do it." - Simon Sinek

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