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Can't open ranking charts

  • Kat Reply

    Hi - When I click on a ranking chart, a popup window appears with vertical and horizontal scroll bars but no graph. Sometimes I'll get one to open, but it seems random as to what works and what doesn't. Is there a system issue that would explain this? What should I do to correct?

    06/20 at 05:54 AM (14568)
  • Jamie B Reply

    I hate to go with the standard (non) answer, but try deleting cookies and/or a different browser.

    06/20 at 09:49 AM (14572)
  • Eric R Reply


    I think this could be related to Adam's post last night -

    06/20 at 09:50 AM (14573)
  • Kat Reply

    Just checked and it's working today. One way or another, it's fixed. Thanks, guys.

    06/20 at 02:16 PM (14580)