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CTR: The acronym CTR stands for "click through rate". This refers to a method of measuring the success of a particular website's online advertising campaign, including email marketing campaigns. The CTR is calculated by the number of page visits received from a specific advertising link or unit divided by the number of times that link or unit was displayed. Given the difficulty of accurately judging the effectiveness of internet advertising techniques, CTR is considered an extremely important method of evaluating online marketing campaigns. Generally, the higher the click through rate, the more successful a company has been at attracting people to a specific website, making it clear which advertising campaigns have been more effective than others.

Unfortunately, the CTR is unable to determine how users reacted to the site or how the website affected the user's impression of the company's brand as a whole. In order to gather this information, it may be beneficial to consider the CTR of a specific page where users can make payments or learn more about services. However, CTR is generally better for judging the success of an advertising campaign.

CTR is also used to determine the effectiveness and success of an email campaign. If an email marketing campaign has a low CTR, for example, it may be necessary to improve the content typically sent out in the company's email to generate more interest and sales.