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CSV Download of On Page Audits

  • Return On Now Reply

    For the on page audit that comes with month 1 of all plans, the interface is very cumbersome to work with.

    Since all data is placed into separate fields, we should be able to download it into a CSV for local analysis. As it is set up now, there's no clean way to compare recommendations across multiple pages, unless I want to keep a bunch of tabs open and click between them. Even then, it feels like guesswork when reviewing.

    Download to CSV would also be useful for clients who do not want to hand over logins to their website. How are they supposed to self-optimize the pages? Cut and paste manually from each individual field? My clients do not like those ideas.

    Thanks for fielding requests like this. Much appreciated.

    10/02 at 05:19 PM (10655)
  • Ryan Reply

    This is a good idea.

    10/02 at 05:34 PM (10656)
  • Adam Reply

    Hi guys. Some great suggestions here.

    1) A few clarifications. Is the interface hard to work with because of the multiple tabs?

    2) If the client won't hand over the login, it seems like you have the cut-and-paste issue regardless of format (Portal vs GoogleDoc vs Excel). Right?

    Again. We greatly appreciate the feedback. Just trying to get our arms around the pain points so we can better solve them.

    10/03 at 08:03 AM (10665)
  • Return On Now Reply

    My clients prefer spreadsheet format where they can easily cut and paste, vs. a web page form where you have to login.

    In addition to the cut and paste issue, it's problematic for reviewing the recommendations as a whole. We have gotten requests for a way to review whole sections of the site in tandem, but the multiple tabs prevent an overall view of the changes.

    For example, if they want to review the page titles to see where specific keywords are being targeted, they have to click around randomly until they find the right tab with the keywords in the page title.

    Then when they look at other pages, they have to try to remember what each page was optimized for. For busy folks, that's asking a lot.

    10/03 at 01:21 PM (10696)
  • Andy Reply

    Thats good feedback. But in any event you still are going to want your clients to log into the portal. You especially want them to get familiar with the sales tab. Obviously showing analytics and giving them a breakdown of the work is important, but to show real value is with conversions. Its the best way to show ROI and the more they get used to using the portal the harder it will be for them to look anywhere else for their digital marketing needs. My resellers use the portal for retention and to acquire new clients. it can be bothersome at first to train the client but in the end it should have a good effect on your bottom line.

    10/03 at 01:44 PM (10697)
  • Jeff_Fisher Reply

    @Andy- I hear what you are saying; however, this is another example of HS forcing a belief system on the reseller. Our job is to provide the content to the client in the format they want it in, and not what HS believes how the customer should do it. Over 50% of my client have clearly expressed to me that they are not interested in using the portal for reviews. They want hard copy reports. Please accept that not everyone wants to do it online in the format you prefer.

    For me, this is an example of losing touch with what the end user wants. Do you know I would be happy with an iphone with under 04 buttons on it, and the ability to delete any app that I choose not be forced to have to wade though crap that some corporate executive team decided I needed or want.

    "it can be bothersome at first to train the client but in the end it should have a good effect on your bottom line." yes it can. The customer can quite and go somewhere else if they prefer to have things printed out like this 53 year old business owner and Hubshout Reseller. Cheers,

    10/05 at 04:57 AM (10735)
  • Chad Reply

    Jeff. Thanks for the feedback. Ultimately, we are trying to streamline the communication between your client, you and us. We are doing our best but we don't always get it right on V1 (only Apple does that :))

    I'm a USAA member. I've been very impressed with the number of processes they have been able to take online or to a mobile device. You can buy insurance, deposit checks, get proof of insurance cards, etc... I'd say we are trying to more like a USAA than the bank that still makes you sign carbon copies when opening new accounts or services.

    This forum is a place for us to have a two way conversation. More and more our contact with end customers is funneled through our reseller partners. Prior to your post, I did not know that 50% of customers rejected logging in to review their onsite report suggestions.

    The question I have for you is if we did facilitate the ability to print out the onsite report, how would the feedback make it back to us? Would you fax in their suggestions? Or would you type their notes back into the screens for us?

    10/05 at 11:31 AM (10748)
  • Andy Reply


    I see what your saying and maybe I didn't word what I was trying to say correctly. As far as analytics yes, it would be nice to be able to download a report and give to client at anytime. What i'm saying is that analytics are great to show traffic and keyword rankings but those are just window dressing for what the client is really looking for. They are looking at what they spend every month with you and how that translate into new business for them.

    The sales tabs, along with its recent enhancements, can help the client see where leads are coming from and how the traffic is converting. Also it gives them the opportunity to listen to incoming calls. You can't show the value of that on a written report. This way they can use this feature as a coaching to help them and their staff become better at converting those leads into dollar signs. Also being able to see where those leads are coming from is great from a target marketing stand point.

    I agree with you there are such instances where a download would be great. At the same time I think there should be a mixture of both. Ultimately I don't think were trying to force a belief system, but just trying to educate on what we think works.

    10/05 at 01:32 PM (10753)
  • Return On Now Reply

    Hi Chad,

    For my clients that do not want to use the portal to review on page, my team would take the feedback and add to the interface. That's not a problem if there's a good way to review all in tandem. Your folks will get better feedback in most cases. Just my 2-cents worth..

    We are also USAA members and they are very impressive with their portal features. I'd love it for all my clients to be portal dependent, but they almost always want us to put a spin on what they see, even if most is self-serve.

    Thanks for the commentary and feedback. Good conversation.

    10/05 at 02:33 PM (10754)
  • Jeff_Fisher Reply

    @Chad- It is my responsibility to take what my customer says and get it back into the system. If the client does not, will not log in, then you get no feed back anyway.

    Also, as a USAA member myself, I agree they have a great portal. However, I am not at the point yet where I trust the processes enough to do my banking on my a smart phone. Silly, maybe, but as a guy with over 400 websites built and several SEO campaigns here, we have to acknowledge that ismall businesses are just not as savvy as we would like regarding the internet:

    In my niche, 43% of the businesses do not have a website (from my own research), and a big part of it is the hassle of dealing with the unknown. Other interesting things to consider are more than 60% lack an address on their homepage, and nearly 50% did not provide a contact number. Thinking about SEO, 47% were not present on Google Places, and 35% did not have a Bing Local presence. Read more at

    So, if over 50% do not put their address and contact phone number on their website, and 47% cannot get signed up for Google, why do we expect that they know and want to have to log in and learn a dashboard.

    @Andy- When saying "we are not trying to force a belief system, but trying to educate on what HS thinks works", I am sorry but that is a belief system when it is the only choice I have. Specifically, that people who choose not to use the computer the way HS expects them too should get over it and do what they are told works best for them.

    Every month, I have a customer that has asked me to listen to all of their calls and then send them an email of the results. Do I just tell that customer, by the way who is 20% of my revenue stream, tough!, you must log in or you cannot have the access to that information? And, yes they could just click the link in the monthly report to listen also; but that is not how they choose to conduct their small business.

    Using Chad's example, if everyone only wanted electronic access to banking, believe me the big banks would have closed all of their branches and just provide online banking. However, there are people who still want to walk into their bank and talk to someone and never have to learn anything about electronic banking.

    However, it is my belief that HS needs to look closer at what the reseller wants/needs than the end user. The end user is my client and it is my job to keep them happy by providing the options that they want.

    Please do not get me wrong, I am a very happy Hubshout customer. Just know I believe it is my responsibility to the relationship to bring various issues to the Hubshout team for consideration and ultimately resolution that works for the majority of the businesses that resellers serve.

    One thing I learned long ago is that if you have never owned or worked as a manager in a small mom & pop business, you cannot assume you know what they want. You need to ask them. Having personally consulted with more than 100 small businesses over the years, I know that people that have only worked in bigger businesses make assumptions that clearly did not include input from the service provider with 5 trucks, a secretary & is still in the field troubleshooting each day.

    Again, Hubshout, thanks for listening!

    10/05 at 03:24 PM (10755)