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CNAME setup on VPS NOT working...

  • Steve Reply

    I need help guys. I set up my CNAME on my VPS after migrating from Shared hosting and it won't work. I don't see any thread about the topic. IN
    TTL: 14400
    Type: CNAME

    I need to get this working as I need to get another proposal out.


    08/28 at 03:39 PM (9823)
  • Chris Reply

    Hi Steve,

    I see that GoDaddy is your registrar.

    The nameservers that you have now, and - did you just change those when you moved from shared to VPS?

    If you give your account manager access to your GoDaddy account and VPS and tell them to route it to me I will see what I can do.

    08/28 at 04:05 PM (9824)
  • Chris Reply

    There is no CNAME in your current record:

    These are the only additionals: A 14400s A 14400s A 14400s

    08/28 at 04:11 PM (9828)
  • Adam Reply

    Great work Wibbe...

    Steve - Did the DNS move recently? I've been stung by that one many times. I keep editing host entries (i.e., C Names, etc) at a DNS that is no longer the authority... LOL Gets me every time.

    08/28 at 04:49 PM (9837)
  • Steve Reply

    No Adam, that's the correct DNS'rs

    08/28 at 05:20 PM (9842)
  • Adam Reply

    How long ago did you update? In my experience, GoDaddy is sssssllllllloooooowwwwww....

    08/28 at 05:23 PM (9843)
  • Steve Reply

    I think I need Hubshouts IP address for

    Weeks ...

    08/28 at 05:24 PM (9844)
  • Steve Reply

    Setting up a CNAME in my VPS asks 4 questions: Add A Record: Name & Address
    Add a CNAME: Name & CNAME. (Address must be an IP)

    08/28 at 05:27 PM (9845)
  • Steve Reply

    Just went in and read the PDF from Chris on cPanel CNAME Tutorial. Should work tomorrow, I hope. BTW... Thanks Chris! That was VERY easy!

    08/28 at 05:51 PM (9848)
  • Steve Reply

    ALL fixed and working normal again! Thanks Chris! Wish I would have searched for the PDF before doing anything!

    08/28 at 08:22 PM (9851)