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Big Google News

  • Ellen Reply

    Posted on the Google Blog today:

    "Our company is operating well today, but we think we can make it cleaner and more accountable. So we are creating a new company, called Alphabet...Alphabet Inc. will replace Google Inc. as the publicly-traded entity and all shares of Google will automatically convert into the same number of shares of Alphabet, with all of the same rights. Google will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Alphabet."

    More details here:

    08/10 at 08:49 PM (19736)
  • Chad Reply

    What I really want to know is how did they get the domain

    Overall an interesting move although their revenue is still so much search based that the other entities will be tiny companies. My guess is that some of the people in those groups won't like getting moved from R&D to lines of business. Big thinkers don't want to get their hands dirty with things like making money.

    Oh and I suppose this will really help with the regulators in Europe but probably not exactly the breakup that they wanted.

    08/10 at 09:40 PM (19737)
  • Ellen Reply

    From Search Engine Land: Irony Alert: Could Alphabet’s Hidden Link To Hooli Get It Banned In Google?

    08/11 at 10:08 AM (19740)
  • Tim A Reply

    Looks like Bing is getting in on the fun:

    08/11 at 04:00 PM (19744)
  • Karli Reply

    It'll be interesting to see how this plays out.

    08/12 at 09:09 AM (19746)
  • Bill F Reply

    I don't get it. Why.
    Also .xyz is one of the new 800 domain extensions. There are more domain names than we could ever imagine available now, we aren't stuck to .com, .net, .org and .info anymore...

    08/12 at 09:15 AM (19747)
  • Liz C. Reply

    Can't wait to see how this shakes out as they move forward.

    08/12 at 09:39 AM (19750)
  • Mari Reply

    interesting... guess it makes sense instead of grouping everything from cars to contact lenses just under "Google"

    08/12 at 10:19 AM (19751)
  • Nick P Reply

    This is so Google can have more flops and have it more difficult to trace back to google!

    08/12 at 10:23 AM (19753)
  • Jamie B Reply

    So true Nick. Follow the money

    08/19 at 11:45 AM (19822)