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Amazon may soon let you pay using a selfie

  • Andrea Reply

    This is so weird.

    03/16 at 10:52 AM (22367)
  • Danielle Reply

    What about twins? My dad is an identical twin. I'm not saying he would try to steal his brother's identity or anything (he's not an EVIL twin) but still...

    03/16 at 11:26 AM (22372)
  • Monica Reply

    Although we are a group of savvy Internet users, I am sure that there are many, many people out there who think this is a GREAT idea.

    03/16 at 11:48 AM (22373)
  • chelley Reply

    I don't like the sound of this. Hopefully a better idea will come along for these safety reasons.

    03/23 at 05:21 PM (22473)
  • Amanda Reply

    Yeah, I won't be using my face to buy things on Amazon.

    03/24 at 02:54 PM (22478)
  • Bill F Reply

    This actually isn't ridiculous, in theory (even if not in practice since many years ago), credit cards were also supposed to require presenting a photo ID to pay...

    03/25 at 09:43 AM (22494)
    • Andrea Reply

      That's a good point Bill. When I lived in Ohio I always had to show my ID when paying with a card.

      03/25 at 04:35 PM (22519)
  • Megan Reply

    What if you just drew a picture of a smiley and used that?
    I mean, it still wouldn't be safe at all, just what if.

    03/25 at 01:17 PM (22508)
  • Kelsey Reply

    But the most important question is, does amazon provide filters to ensure your selfie is the best it can be?

    03/25 at 04:42 PM (22520)