HubShout SEM System Release Notes

Agency Release: Updates to the Workflow Tab

  • Breylin Reply

    In an effort to make the information you are seeing in your workflow tab more clear; we have updated the first column on the workflow subtab of the SEO module. You can access this page by going to: https://INSERT-YOUR-PORTAL-URL/?p=SEO_Workflow

    The area in questions is just below the red arrow.

    The column will now be labeled “Built”. This will signify the date the content was built for the plan making it easier to determine which batch of tasks go together. Now you’ll know when a months work of work is done and can view this all in one place.

    This release will be live by the end of the day 9/14/2018. There will also be a notification in the dashboard on your agency dashboard screen at the top right notifying you of this change once it is made.

    09/13 at 03:39 PM (23345)