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5 Reasons to Blog for Your Business

Blogging is like reality television. It seems everyone is doing it these days. And regardless of the size of your business, there are some great benefits of having a blog on your site. You know what they say. It’s not the size of your business that matters; but the power of your content.

With that, I give you 5 reasons to blog for your business:

1. Helps with SEO.
Many people think that SEO is the sole benefit of blogging. Blogging has tremendous SEO value, but it isn’t the only reason to blog (see numbers 2-5). With quality relevant blog content, your SEO potential is incredible. Having a blog on your site to which you add original content regularly means that you have more fresh content for the search engines to find. Include the right keywords for your SEO goals and you can strengthen your rankings.

2. Another Reason to Visit Your Site.
You want to give current and potential customers as many opportunities to visit your web site as you can. Posting content via your blog regularly is a great way to do that. No matter how spectacular your web site is, people will forget about it unless they have some reasons to visit and -- more importantly -- have reminders to do so. They can subscribe to your RSS feed, of course. But you can make it even easier. Every time you post new blog content, provide a link to it via your social media platforms. And include a link to your blog in e-newsletters and other communication. If you do it right, people will share those links and you’ll reach people who may not have otherwise visited your site.

3. Highlight your expertise.
You have a niche, so highlight it. People are visiting your site for a reason. So give them the content they came to your site seeking. Blog posts don’t have to be the Magna Carta. In fact, shorter is generally better for keeping the attention of most visitors. Make your content relevant and useful to your target audience. Provide links within that content to other related content and your products and services. And take the time to fill out a solid profile about your education, experience and expertise so it bolsters your street cred.

4. Build your online persona and credibility.
People want to know you are a trusted source before they do business with you. And your current customers want to know you are continuing to provide good service and products. A blog is an easy way to build your online business persona and let people know that you are a legitimate business that cares about the issues in the industry and your customers.

5. Keeps you up on industry news.
To provide quality content for your blog, you will be encouraged to stay current on trends in your industry and the latest news. You will do some research, incorporate what you learn with your foundation of expertise and your business will reap the benefits. And as a result, you will be more inclined to participate in forums, social media threads and actively read and comment on other blogs. Your blog will make you better at what you do and help you expand your reach.