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2 months, 2 campaigns, 90% content not delivered ... HUBShout doesn't care either.

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    We started in the last week for July with two campaigns, one for us and one for a new client. I am not worried about our small campaign for ourselves, but we ordered the intermediate SEO package, along with upgraded writer and PR for our new client.

    It has been over two months, and 95% of the first month's work is incomplete, and of course, 0 percent of the 2nd month has been completed. Moreover, the campaigns ends in 10 days.

    After clearly seeing that content would not be delivered the first month, I tried to cancel but was told I have a 30-day notice requirement, so they are going to bill my credit card again. Which is another story, they doubled the charges on the smaller campaign.... that is for another forum post.

    I asked, "How could it be I have to give notice for something I never received the first month?"
    HubShout just charges your card; you receive your product WHEN and IF they get around to it. Unless, of course, your campaign stops then you will never receive anything.

    This has to be the worst experience we have ever had with a SEO company. It is unfortunate this will end with credit card charge backs and possibly legal action. Moreover, all HubShout had to do was deliver a product they sold.

    We have lost a new client with loads of upside due to Hubshout's non-deliver of product. Not only are we out a client, but the two months SEO charges from HUBShout. My company is different; I do not charge customers for product I cannot deliver.

    Unfortunately from what I have seen from HubShout, we will have to spend more money to re-coup our lost money through legal channels. It will be a lose-lose situation for everyone.

    Again, all HubShout had to do was deliver a product they sold.

    What a nightmare this has been.

    Good luck to to all with this company, our experience has been horrible.

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