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SEO Plans Start at $269/month

"Giants are not what we think they are. The same qualities that appear to give them strength are often the sources of great weakness." - Malcolm Gladwell

HubShout gives SEO agencies the tools and know-how to help their Main Street clients slay giants.

According to the Small Business Association: 28 million small businesses currently operate in the United States and the small business sector is growing. Small business marketing budgets are growing too. The demand for SEO is strong but many SEO agencies fail their clients because the job is really hard. HubShout has the specialized knowledge, unique SEO deliverables, link audit software, excellent customer support, and SEO and PPC plans to fit every budget.

When the budget is small, a local SEO campaign at $269/month begins to build rankings, leads, sales and revenue. As the revenue grows and the marketing budget increases, that business grows right into one of our higher level SEO plans.

Small Business SEO

SEO plans for small businesses start at $269

A small business with a limited set of keywords can start to build rankings and move up in the search results for $269/month.

Ready for More

Plans that fit every budget

For businesses with larger budgets or those in a competitive niche, we have the SEO and PPC plans to get the results your clients need.

Just the Reports


You can use our SEO reporting software to track campaign data and goals, and send reports to your clients. (Free for HubShout-managed ongoing campaigns.)


Fast track to top search results

Management plans start as low as $199/month. Pricing is based on client budget, size of campaign, and ad platforms used (Adwords, Bing, Facebook).

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