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  • Chad Reply

    We released an updated pricing sheet as of 11/18. You can download the pricing doc on our Support page (blue box at the top).

    The summary of changes is:
    Here are the changes I made:

    • Reseller tiers - We have removed the volume discount program in the Enterprise tier.

    • Removed the final page with web dev and pr consulting rates. All one-off projects will be quoted through the PRQ process.

    • PPC Changes

      1. We can handle Facebook/Bing starting at Grow

      2. We can handle display ads on all service plans but we will add a * to say that depending on client we may advise against certain strategies.

      3. Remarketing on all plans.

    Please contact support if you have any questions about the changes.

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  • Chad Reply

    Today we are launching a revised Phone Script. We have completely re-written the JavaScript to be more friendly with your websites. The two biggest changes are 1) the script no longer requires marking up all of your numbers with div ids 2) the performance of the script is faster and can be loaded asynchronously. We've also tested the script with Google Tag Manager so that you can deploy faster.

    Backward Compatibility
    We already have hundreds of websites with the old phone script so the old script will continue to load as it did prior to the update. The updated script has an new file path. You can pickup the new code on the Sales --> Setup --> Script page. See screenshot below.

    There is now a secure and non-secure script. Our performance testing shows that the script from HS servers is a little faster but feel free to validate for yourself.

    Rule Changes

    The process for entering rules has changed. Rather than matching the exact characters, you now enter the 10 digits of the phone you want to change and the 10 digits that you want to replace with. Do not enter spaces or any formatting.

    We'd like to thank Kyle Miller who re-wrote the script based on his experience working with hundreds of installs.

    Please join our 4 pm training session or reach out to your AM if you have any questions.

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  • Chad Reply

    Hi all. We are doing some late spring cleaning. Currently, we keep Phone Call recordings in the Sales Tab forever. We have 1000's of recordings gathering digital dust. We want to document our phone call recording retention policy:

    1. After campaigns end, we will delete all of the call recordings as well as the tracking numbers. This is the current approach but we wanted to make sure it was included here.
    2. For active campaigns, we will hold the recordings for 6 months before deleting. The actual record of the call will be retained but the associated recording will be deleted.

    Get in touch if you have any questions.

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  • Chad Reply

    We have a launched a new feature for resellers who want to consolidate data in Google Analyics. You can now have dashboard phone calls create events in Google Analytics.

    This is an advanced feature so let me setup why you might want to use it. Google Analytics is a fantastic FREE service that Google offers to measure pretty much everything about what happens on your website. Google has even taken this a step further and integrated Google Analytics with other Google services like Adwords and Search Console.

    Over the past few years, Google has opened up Google Analytics so that other services that are inputs or outputs of what happens on website in order to give marketers more information about end to end tracking. For example, most people setup goals for lead form completions in Google Analytics in order to measure a conversion rate or cost per action. The problem is that many businesses get leads from phone calls. Prospects that call your business start as a web visitor but then make a phone call which doesn't get tracked as a conversion. Well now you can!

    The screenshot below shows a new tab on our Sales --> Setup screen. All you need to do is add in the UA code (usually formatted as UA-XXXXXX-X) and turn on the feature in the screen below. Once that is done, the dashboard will call over to Google Analytics each time a calls come into a tracking number.

    Once that is setup, you can login to Google Analytics and start seeing events created for the phone calls. Events are located under Behavior --> Events --> Overview. We set the GA values as follows:
    Event Category = phonecall
    Event Action = Medium selected on the phone number setup.
    Event Label = label entered on the phone number screen.

    Here is an example looking at Event Actions for the phonecall Event Category:

    If you want to take this a step further, you can then create Goals in GA based on the phonecall Events.

    As I said earlier, this is an advanced feature. If you are using dashboard reports for your clients, you probably don't need to set this up but for those resellers who really want to consolidate data in Google Analytics.... here you go and have fun!

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  • Chad Reply

    Very cool. I think they are doing so well because their advertisers are looking for reach and engagement... its less about transactions. They are getting paid to entertain people. I spend way more time reading / engaging on iphone than I do transacting.

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  • Chad Reply

    I taught myself these a few years back. It helps me get through my inbox faster but they are missing a shortcut for getting less mail :)

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  • Chad Reply

    I'd look at Facebook as a way to drive traffic. Tickets / local news would fit well with Facebook opportunities. Plus they will be able to build up followers.

    In terms of revenue, consider running social contests where you give away awards from advertisers. One of our pub partners does online scavenger hunts where they give away product/entertainment but in order to register you have to go to the advertisers website and find some information. It is a smart way to drive traffic to advertisers sites but still make it fun for the audience.

    I agree with Megan. Your fee should be monthly unless you get into complicated contracts. If you don't get paid monthly then you run the risk of them pulling the plug before it pans out. If you want some type of performance kicker then maybe add that on to reduce the hourly rate.

    Good luck!

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  • Chad Reply

    Interesting. Good find. We were just talking about that for some new HS ads. It will be interesting to see how they score them.

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  • Chad Reply

    Nice work to the entire team. It was great to hear so many spot on suggestions for improvement from everyone in the company. I am very excited to see how the 76 behaviors we identified will improve the experience for our team and our customers (and their customers - Go main street!).

    Posted in The Spirit of '76 04/06/16 at 03:01 PM (22694)