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    Sorry for the delay. Great question. There are a couple of possibilities for the discrepancy you are seeing. First, our 3rd party data provider is taking a snapshot of rankings at a particular point in time. Google rankings can change on a daily basis, and the dashboard results are not real-time (but they are recent rankings). Also, with they hyper-local nature of Google search now, your location is heavily influencing your search results (along with having visited the target site from your computer and other factors). Rankings can change within metro areas, let alone different parts of the country.

    Please contact your Account Manager if you have additional questions. Thanks!

    Posted in Faster Research module (and website Web Grader) 11/27/16 at 06:40 AM (23278)
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    The Research tab has been optimized and now consistently functions three times faster than the previous version.

    Also, the Web Grader on our website utilizes the new Research functionality and is also much faster.

    We appreciate your feedback, so please contact your Account Manager for help using Research module data as a part of your next proposal.

    Posted in Faster Research module (and website Web Grader) 11/07/16 at 03:01 PM (23273)
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    The Phone Calls and Leads areas of Sales have been updated, so the results lists function as expected.

    Currently, leads and phone calls from today are displayed if the filter end date is set to today's date. Previously, those items would not be displayed unless you had a future date in the End Date field.

    As always, please contact your Account Manager with any questions or concerns.

    Posted in Sales Phone Calls and Leads list filtering updated 11/07/16 at 02:55 PM (23272)
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    In an effort to show you the most relevant, and timely, data possible, the SEO Scorecard in the top-level Admin area has been updated.

    Target Keyword metrics and Domain Rating for each campaign are now displayed, instead of the month-over-month data (for completed months only) that was there previously. The To-Do column, which shows Review Pending - Client tasks by campaign, was not changed, since some people still use that feature.

    The new columns are summary data from a new module, the Keyword Scorecard, that is now available. These include the following:

    • Since Start: Percentage change in Target Keyword rankings from the campaign start date
    • Last Month: Percentage change in Target Keyword rankings from 30-days ago
    • Missing: Number of keywords currently not reported as ranking in the top 110 results
    • Domain Rating: Domain Rating metric

    The new Keyword Scorecard link below your campaign list allows you to see the Target Keyword details, and other information, for active, managed SEO campaigns.

    Please contact your Account Manager for more information or with any questions you have.


    Posted in Updated SEO Scorecard and New Keyword Scorecard 11/07/16 at 02:47 PM (23271)
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    This seems relevant to some of the discussions we've had recently...

    Posted in CEO's Trick to Managing Hundreds of Emails a Day 05/13/16 at 12:16 PM (23191)
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    Lots here, but this one seems pertinent:

    "Temporary SEO changes on your site are a possible consequence of transitioning to HTTPS."

    Posted in Wired's Big Upgrade to HTTPS 05/13/16 at 09:30 AM (23190)
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    This one jumped out, too: "We saw a huge number of websites being hacked – a 180% increase compared to the previous year."

    Posted in Google's 2015 Webspam Report 05/03/16 at 11:57 AM (23116)
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    Story here:

    Here's the site it's referencing:

    Posted in Rube Goldberg Machine Made of HTML Components 05/02/16 at 03:14 PM (23096)
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    "Facebook has reportedly formed a task force to reverse this decline in personal sharing."

    Posted in Facebook Isn’t the Social Network Anymore 04/28/16 at 03:03 PM (23033)