Content marketing

Marketers Still Struggle with the Value of a Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is on the minds (or it should be) of many people, especially marketers. In a recent study that was conducted by the Business Management Association, the Forrester Research and Online Marketing Institute, there were some fascinating results, revealing that many marketers are stru

Where to Begin with Content Marketing

Content marketing has become a standard in internet marketing, but there are a lot of small businesses not utilizing it in their marketing strategies. There might be reasons for this, but the benefits outweigh any detriments that small business owners might believe to be in their way. Watch today

Weekly HubFeed - Tips on Going Viral, Bing Predicts Reality TV, etc.

Weekly HubFeed: 4/25/2014 Your source for the biggest news in internet marketing this week. We cover Noah Kagan's blog post on why content goes viral and the insights from his analysis with BuzzSumo, Bing's latest marketing strategy that predicts winners and losers of reality television shows, and

Video Response - Koozai Experiment: Will Deleting Old Content Help Your Website?

Koozai, a digital marketing agency, released a blog post a couple of weeks ago about an experiment they conducted with their own website. They deleted 900 of their old blog posts, based on a few characteristics, including if the posts had any backlinks and how much traffic they were getting. They sa