Meet the Team

  • Andrew Lindsay Premium Writer

    Andrew earned a B.A. in Writing from Ithaca College in 2013, and has worked as a Fiction Editor for Stillwater Magazine. He has been published on, amongst other places.


  • Bill Finan Website Developer

    Bill earned a Master's in materials science. An admitted Linux geek, Bill came to HubShout looking to branch out into programming & IT. Bill is an essential member of HubShout's critical Web Dev team.

  • Brad Lewis Quality Assurance

    Brad studied at the University of Pittsburgh and prior to joining the Hubshout team he taught Film and English Composition. In his down time he runs a small record label and hosts a weekly radio show.

  • Brendan Peek

    Bio coming soon.

  • Breylin Smith Account Manager

    Breylin attended Rutgers University. Prior to HubShout, he spent time in the banking industry. He is a UConn Women's Basketball superfan, a marketing funnel geek, and a proud father.

  • Chris Scott Account Management Pod Leader

    Chris has experience in sales, technology, and education. Before joining the team at HubShout, he was in educational sales and used to be an English teacher.

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  • Danielle Lachance Assistant Editor

    Danielle earned her B.A. in English from Wheaton College in Mass. in 2011. She previously worked in Tel Aviv, Israel as a writing assistant for a women's rights organization.

  • Devin Stabley-Conde Assistant Editor

    Devin graduated from SUNY Geneseo in 2015 with a B.A. in English & Creative Writing. She previously served as poetry editor for the SUNY-wide literary magazine Gandy Dancer.

  • Sam Pak PPC Analyst

    Sam holds a B.S. in Marketing and Business Admin from Brockport. Prior to HubShout, he helped develop homeschool history curriculum. He enjoys playing Cello in the RWCCO and playing board games.

  • Sammi Cohen Technical Writer

    Sammi holds a B.A. in Theatre and Speech from Wagner College. When she isn't writing for clients or performing on stage, Sammi runs her own vintage-inspired style blog.

  • Sean Finucane Premium Writer

    Sean earned a B.A. in Communications from The College at Brockport in 2015. Life highlights include DJing live from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio and eating a great baked potato. <

  • Timothy Werth Managing Editor

    Timothy Beck Werth was born on the Fourth of July. He studied journalism, film, and radio at the University of Southern California. Previously, he worked as a reporter and copywriter in Los Angeles. <

  • Valerie Musson Premium Writer

    Valerie earned her B.A. in Journalism from SUNY Fredonia in 2016. She loves being able to help small businesses with every piece of content she creates. Valerie enjoys music, nature, and traveling.