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comScore Data: Has Desktop Search Hit Its Peak?

  • Renee Reply

    The other numbers in this report won't surprise you -- Google still owns the search market share, Bing ticked up a bit. The Yahoo-Bing partnership hasn't done much for the search market.

    What people are taking note of in the data is that search query via desktop is down as mobile takes some of that traffic:

    “The declines of the past four months represent the first declines in total desktop search volume since we began tracking the data in 2006.”

    Although the lion's share of searches are done via desktop, this new data has analysts wondering if desktop search has peaked.

    Before you get all "let's abandon our desktops": I just ran a query for Oct - Jan and desktop search is at 86%; mobile, 13%. That's definitely a decrease for desktop and increase for mobile since the last time I checked. But -- again -- most searches are still conducted via desktop.

    Search Engine Land:

    Analyst: Mobile Continues To Take Share From Desktop Search

    01/11/13 at 02:29 PM (4709)