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Would you recommend building a .NET website if .COM is already taken?

  • Dominic Reply

    I have a client who wants to purchase a domain to build out a website. The .COM domain name he wants to use is owned by GoDaddy and they want to sell it for $2,500.

    He's asking me if it's worth it to buy the .NET domain and go ahead and build out his site.

    Question - is this smart?

    Question - would you recommend this or not?


    01/23/13 at 10:16 AM (4961)
  • Member 5875 Reply

    If it is for an affililiate site, then you could use .com, .net, or .org. If it is for an authority site, then I would only use .com.

    The reason for this is that you don't want customers landing on the .com and you would lose traffic and business that way. Also a .net does not good for a company's website. If it is a blog that directs traffic to the main site, then a .net is ok. But if it is the actual main site, you don't want to use a .net. Hope this answers your question.

    01/23/13 at 10:23 AM (4962)
  • Dominic Reply

    it does indeed. answer the question. it will be for an authority site, so what I would hate is to do is build out a .NET website only to have someone else decide to buy the .COM and take all the traffic I worked to build. I'll let my customer know. THANKS!!

    01/23/13 at 10:27 AM (4963)
  • Bill F Reply

    Never underestimate the consumer who will just go to, without even googling first. I agree with 5875 and Dominic that .com is the way to go here.

    01/23/13 at 10:39 AM (4964)
  • Matt Reply

    if you go to .net because there is another company with the same name (and they have a stronger brand) you are going to be confused with them. I would only do it in the instance that someone bought the .com domain and is trying to sell it for a lot of money.

    01/23/13 at 11:14 AM (4967)
  • Member 4264 Reply

    .com is my vote.

    01/23/13 at 11:17 AM (4968)
  • Dominic Reply

    The ultimate question for my client is: is the .com domain worth $2,500??

    01/23/13 at 11:22 AM (4969)
  • Chad Reply

    Good posts. I agree with the posts here. If this is a must have domain name that will be a big part of their business, go with .com. That is purely from a branding standpoint.

    01/23/13 at 12:00 PM (4971)
  • Chad F Reply

    Great conversation going on here. If the sites main function is for authority then it might be worth spending the money. The domain is going to be a huge aspect of the business not something I would chance with the .NET

    01/23/13 at 03:12 PM (4973)
  • Eric R Reply

    Dominic, the ultimate question is whether that .com will have an extreme benefit for your client. Is it an EMD for the sole purpose of having an EMD for competitive keywords? Is it an EMD with the name of the business that could confuse potential customers and direct them away from your client's site? Is the traffic to that .Com worth the $2,500 it will set your client back? There are lots of factors to consider.

    When trying to make a major decision like that I always find it's best to lay out the potential options and do a cost/benefit analysis.

    If the .com isn't crucial to branding (if it doesn't have your client's exact business name for example), then what about mixing around the words or finding another .Com that's somewhat close to that? I guess it's kind of hard without knowing competition level, industry, or really any other major factors which would help.

    01/23/13 at 04:48 PM (4976)