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Will Google Zavers Take Over the World of Couponing?

  • Renee Reply

    Google has the data to connect retailers and consumers in a more tailored way than ever before. The Big G introduces digital coupon service Zavers. Smart couponing at its finest.

    Search Engine Watch: "It's a bit like a dating network for products and shelf space, in which the final goal is to meet new customers - whether online or offline."

    Here's how Google describes it:

    "Zavers by Google is a fast and easy way to offer the right coupons to the right shoppers, expand rewards programs, and track redemption in real-time. Shoppers find the manufacturer discounts on their favorite retailer websites and add the digital coupons to their online cards. Savings are automatically deducted at checkout when shoppers swipe their rewards card or type in their phone numbers - no scanning or sorting necessary."

    01/15/13 at 11:16 AM (4777)
  • Matt Reply

    It is a good day for the frugal

    01/15/13 at 01:17 PM (4782)
  • Nick Reply

    and then will ads for similar products follow us everywhere we go online?

    01/15/13 at 04:52 PM (4792)
  • Nick Reply

    (not like they don't already, for those who do any shopping online)

    01/15/13 at 04:53 PM (4793)
  • Chad Reply

    Google launches a lot of products... only a few stick. This looks like one that won't stick. It reminds me of the Yahoo portal days where they had a Yahoo version of everything on the web.

    01/15/13 at 04:56 PM (4794)
  • Paul Reply

    "Google launches a lot of products... only a few stick." - Chad

    Sadly this is true... Google Wave was a dream come true for me. This Zavers thing seems pretty neat too, I'm excited to try it. We'll see where it goes.

    01/15/13 at 06:25 PM (4799)
  • Matt Reply

    It seems like a good idea, it is just a matter of gaining traction and acceptance.

    01/16/13 at 06:30 AM (4800)