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While We Were All Focused on the Election, Google Rolled Out Another Panda Update

  • Renee Reply

    Google said it will impact 0.4% of queries; for those searching in English in the US, it will impact 1.1%.

    Just a reminder (since remembering all the different animal names is confusing) -- Panda is different from Penguin. The original purpose of Panda was to target low quality content.

    Search Engine Land:

    Google Releases Panda Update 21, Impacts 1.1% Of US Queries In English

    11/09/12 at 01:14 PM (3850)
  • Adam Reply

    When will it stop? LOL (never)

    11/09/12 at 01:16 PM (3851)
  • Eric R Reply

    Oh Google... so sneaky... They got us all focused on their nice election map (tracked electoral college and popular votes for all election) with it's up to the minute stats and granular state breakdowns, the BAM! launched this without anyone knowing. Well played Google, well played.

    11/09/12 at 01:24 PM (3853)
  • Jason G. Reply

    Oh man, good thing we do things the right way and only produce "quality content "

    11/09/12 at 01:25 PM (3854)
  • Member 4679 Reply

    This is how Google is going to get us all. Consider this step 1. Step 2: world domination. GULP.

    11/09/12 at 02:02 PM (3858)
  • Matt Reply

    what were the changes from this update?

    11/09/12 at 04:06 PM (3861)
  • John Reply

    Thanks for the info, Renee! Good to know

    11/09/12 at 04:12 PM (3862)
  • Chad F Reply

    Sneaky Google!

    11/09/12 at 05:12 PM (3863)
  • Carissa Reply

    [quote] said: This is how Google is going to get us all. Consider this step 1. Step 2: world domination. GULP.


    Yes! I am with you; this is scary stuff. Google runs the world...I've seen how this ends in Wall-E!

    11/09/12 at 05:50 PM (3864)
  • Nick Reply

    I hope I'm not derailing the thread too much by asking this, but how do marketers/SEO companies view non-Google search engines? Are there any up-and-comers that bear watching besides Bing? Or are they all considered non-starters? My husband (who is a kind of open-source nut/rebel) refuses to use Google simply because of its tracking practices. I'm assuming that engines like Duck Duck Go aren't seen as threats to Google and Bing for that very reason - the lack of tracking and ads. Thoughts?

    11/12/12 at 09:20 AM (3865)