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What are the Best Industries to Target for SEM?

  • Chris B. Reply

    An interesting question came up today with one of my Resellers and I thought it would be helpful for everyone to discuss.

    From a Reseller perspective, what are the best industries to target for Search Engine Marketing? And what I mean here is, what industries have the:

    1) Highest client retention rates.
    2) Best close rate.
    3) Proper budget required to make the campaign perform well.
    4) Right personality and are easiest to please.
    5) Greatest opportunity to show results and bring them new business.

    Lastly, are their industries that are notoriously difficult to work with?

    Please share your experiences with us.

    05/31/13 at 04:48 PM (7579)
  • Roger Reply

    Businesses that are hard to work with are any that involve heavy regulation or have ethical standards of behaviour that can affect content writing, making all work more expensive and time consuming.

    Also I tend to look at lifecycle revenue for clients and when I find that the potential cost of our marketing is less than 30% of the revenue generated then I'm generally happy. For example if I find a client makes $300 from each conversion, then this is a really easy client to work with. I now have $30-$90 to work with to generate each conversion. Depending on a number of factors e.g. PPC costs, etc, this can be doable or not, but I find generally it'll always work if people know how to do their PPC work correctly.

    Those are my thoughts.


    06/01/13 at 03:30 PM (7608)
  • Member 7916 Reply

    I am new to hubshout, but I've found that Limo companies are very tough to work with. A lot of them want their results NOW and have a hard time waiting for SEO.

    06/02/13 at 02:43 AM (7613)
  • Brian J. Wilhelm Reply

    I really like dental and chiropractic, are really competitive, and they usually have decent budgets and don't take super long to make a decision once that relationship is there.
    NC Lawyers on the other hand basically can't do anything b/c of ethical standards. These folks are happy to put there brand on a targeted marketing piece though. I try to find ways for them to co-market with another client when challenging issues like this arise.

    Thanks for the 30% tip Roger!

    06/03/13 at 08:36 AM (7619)
  • Chris B. Reply

    Great advice thank you for the feedback.

    06/03/13 at 08:49 AM (7622)
  • Terrance Reply

    This is a great question that I get often. I think it really depends on the demographic and yes the industry, but you have to look at your demographic as well. Because a dentist in upstate ny may not spent the same as a dentist in L.A.

    06/03/13 at 09:53 AM (7631)