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Web lead integration to an existing form

  • Larry Reply

    We have a pending client that wants to run a PPC campaign to a website that already has an opt-in form.

    On this form they have name, email & phone number and other fields. According to them they cannot change the name of these 3 fields ( as in to ours ) because they show a customised screen after the form is submitted that uses these fields.

    Question is how can we integrate our code into this form so that we can track the web leads in our portal ?

    Help ? - Could loose this client if we can do this. I am certain it is possible but have no idea how


    01/10/13 at 06:07 AM (4658)
  • Larry Reply

    Woops that should say we will loose this client if we can't do this !!!!

    01/10/13 at 06:11 AM (4659)
  • Rankupmedia Reply

    Without knowing the details of your form its hard to explain how to do it , that being said it is possible ! You can have different field names as well.

    I have a lead form that I use on all my clients sites and I wrote a php code that's integrates the two.

    Can you provide more details?

    01/10/13 at 06:28 AM (4660)
  • Larry Reply

    Hi ,
    Thanks for getting back. Optin form they will be using is here

    01/10/13 at 06:44 AM (4661)
  • Rankupmedia Reply

    I don't use contact 7 form, so off hand I'm not sure if has a function to process data after submit. Do you have a coder you can hire to write a sc ript for you ?

    Would they let you change the form to a different plugin ? If so, you could change if to the one I use, which I have a code written already .

    I use quform for Wordpress , it's $15, but a great form

    01/10/13 at 06:57 AM (4662)
  • Rankupmedia Reply

    Check it this , this is what you need :

    01/10/13 at 07:12 AM (4663)
  • Larry Reply

    This guy has engaged a web dev co. to do this before we came in with our proposal for an online marketing campaign so we don't have access to code. I should have thought it was an easy enough thing for them to do ( we sent them on the web lead code ) but they do not want to change the code on their opt-in form.

    Would be grateful if you could include the fn you use to process data after submit so I can at least tell them this should be difficult to do

    01/10/13 at 07:16 AM (4664)
  • Larry Reply

    [quote]Rankupmedia said: Check it this , this is what you need :


    Thank you for that

    01/10/13 at 07:49 AM (4665)
  • Adam Reply

    I'm pretty sure I've used Contact Form 7 in WordPress before also with no issues....

    01/10/13 at 08:06 AM (4666)
  • Chris Reply

    Thanks for the input Rankup. This is possible but it does require some developer effort. I took a look at the dev site you listed Larry. It is Contact Form 7 and Rankup is right, the 3rd party integration plugin would help. One thing that will have to happen is our security token will have to be passed to HubShout with the POST.

    Someone is going to have to edit the code on this form/site for this to work. If the web devs aren't willing to do the work and they aren't allowing access to the code I don't know how this is going to happen. I would point them to the plugin suggested by Rankup and make sure they note our field names and security token.

    01/10/13 at 09:18 AM (4667)