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Upcoming Adwords Rotation Changes

  • Renee Reply

    What are your thoughts on the Adwords rotation changes set to take effect next week? The use of the "Rotate Ads Evenly" setting will be limited to 30 days, then automatically switch to "Optimize for Clicks."

    Is this enough time to test your ads? Would you rather leave the optimization analysis up to Google anyway, or are you mad that this will limit your control?

    05/03/12 at 01:20 PM
  • Chad Reply

    There are definitely two sides to the story here. I've seen many campaigns that are using the rotate ads evenly... with one ad that is clearly performing better than the other ads. This is a pretty advanced setting that many don't even understand. As a result, the campaign has probably underperformed for the advertiser and Google. So Google is doing the advertiser and itself a favor.

    At the same time, the super advanced advertiser will lose some control over Adwords. Honestly, I think this is a big deal to some but not much an issue for the typical customer we service.

    05/03/12 at 09:39 PM