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Twitter Feed Stopped Working

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    Twitter feed just stopped working on my two sites

    Link Removed
    Link Removed

    please advise on how to repair.


    01/15/14 at 09:17 PM (12700)
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    I so sorry, never mind. I figured out how to fix it. Can you delete this thread?

    very sorry.

    01/15/14 at 09:22 PM (12701)
  • Chris Reply

    Excellent service :-)

    But seriously, if there was an issue/solution that could help others, go ahead and post it here.

    01/16/14 at 10:10 AM (12705)
  • Member 8270 Reply

    it was a setting that just didnt show the current twitter feed unless the tweet was within a certain recent date range. once i added something more recent, the whole tweet feed showed up.

    01/17/14 at 02:32 AM (12724)
  • Adam Reply

    Links removed.

    01/20/14 at 02:33 PM (12748)