Reseller Sales

Thoughts and suggestions from the new guy.

  • iNovate Reply

    Hello all, just wanted to chime in and say thanks for a great program and also wanted to pass along some suggestions that I think may benefit myself and others.
    First off, I think that an organized list of "starting out" videos would be very helpful as a new Hubshout reseller. Let me elaborate, having a link that list all of your webinars are great, however, if Hubshout could recommend a "must watch" section of webinars that cover "step 1 through 10" from how to log in, to setting appointments in a outlined approach.
    Secondly, a Hubshout app for resellers that could allow resellers to see basic information about our accounts and tasks.

    Again, I am excited and thankful about finishing my masters in Internet marketing and getting started with you guys... Thanks in advance-

    01/11/13 at 11:11 PM (4718)
  • Chad Reply

    Thanks for the feedback. 1 answer and 1 question.

    On the "must watch list", we are actually working on some curriculum paths that would let people pick different path and then list video assets to view to learn more about those topics. I think it will get you what you need. In the short run, I'll try to give you links to the videos we have now. Give me a day or two on that.

    Second, when you say "app" are you asking for a mobile app? Android / iphone?


    01/12/13 at 03:49 PM (4720)
  • Rebecca - SEO Diva Reply

    Yeah, thanks I was just speaking to my "Handler" about that very thing..also having how to videos on each tab as you are in that specific section would stop many of your help desk calls, I would imagine, especially in the email setup section.

    01/12/13 at 05:00 PM (4722)
  • iNovate Reply

    yes, curriculum paths are better articulated and was what I was getting at. I thinks a "getting started" area, a intermediate level and advanced.. Or maybe this could be segmented into topics, and the topics be allocated or specific for "starting out" and "been around a while" type of setup. For me, I see all the webinars and think about where do I start? Which is more important for me as a new person? I currently hop on my treadmill with my laptop everyday and make a point to watch one per day...
    Mobile apps are my second "wish list" item... I also think that our clients may enjoy this, if available in the future. Again, many thanks for such a great program.

    Kirk Musick

    01/12/13 at 05:15 PM (4723)
  • Adam Reply

    I agree with this feedback. Currently, we have a TON of information on the website - but it's a little hard to find what you want / when you want it...

    01/14/13 at 09:29 AM (4729)
  • iNovate Reply

    @Adam, you guys have the Tags in which we can search (which is great), but if you guys could recomend a "first series" of webinars we should "master", it would be great.

    01/14/13 at 10:11 AM (4734)
  • Carissa Reply

    I have gotten a lot of people asking for "how to videos". I think it would be great to have right in the dashboard voice over videos that take the client through every aspect of the dashboard. From how to assess their clients and campaigns, to added a new account and setting up email campaigns.

    I think the webinars are great, but a lot of times there is too much information in them. It would be nice to client on "How to use the sales tab" and it quickly runs through the steps right in the dashboard. This would be super efficient and it would also help our resellers train their end clients.

    01/14/13 at 10:14 AM (4735)
  • Carissa Reply

    oh and the webinars are great, but they aren't whilte labeled, which prevents resellers from sharing with their end clients.

    I have also gotten a few people asking for an app to our dashboard! i sometimes find myself logging onto the DB with my iphone; it works great, but it's not as easy to navigate on a tiny screen.

    01/14/13 at 10:16 AM (4736)
  • Jesse Reply

    Being able to white label webinars could be potentially great for the clients.

    01/14/13 at 11:33 AM (4745)
  • Terrance Reply

    I have to agree with that Carissa and Jesse. White labeling the webinars would be amazing. I can see how that could be hard though. If the Resellers learned anything from the webiinars I'm sure that they can put a video on their site like we do to not only help their clients but help their onsite SEO as well.

    01/14/13 at 01:06 PM (4749)