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The 6 I’s of Internet Marketing

We all know that Internet marketing has been a game changer for the marketing world. This ever-evolving marketing medium has caused many companies and marketers to reach global audiences like never before. What makes Internet marketing so different from other forms of marketing are the 6 I’s. The 6 I’s include: Interactivity, Intelligence, Individualism, Integration, Industry Restructuring, Independence of Location.

Interactivity: The power of the Internet allows consumers to become interactive with marketing collateral. Types of this interactivity include QR codes and the ability to scan a code with a mobile phone; social media conversations via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, etc; online videos featuring options to answer questions, choose which commercial to watch.

Intelligence: Internet marketing provides a level of intelligence due to the fact that extensive market research is conducted in a cost effective manner. The Internet provides information about consumers and companies are able to gather this information and use it for their benefit.

Individualization: Advertisements and other marketing activities on the Internet can be customized to an individuals location, demographic, age, gender, interests, and more; the ability to target a certain demographic or geographic area is also how Internet marketing excels in individualization.

Integration: The integration of traditional and online marketing methods such as a billboard or magazine with a QR code is evolving and marketers are utilizing the concept of integration daily; combining different media channels via Internet marketing also allows the point of interactivity and intelligence to occur.

Industry Restructuring: The marketing industry as previously mentioned is continuously evolving. The disintermediation occurs in Internet marketing and is continuing as the middleman is constantly being removed from the marketing process.

Independence of Location: Being able to do the marketing of a product or service from a personal computer at home is a great advantage of Internet marketing, as well as the ability to be reached as a consumer from anywhere with a wifi connection whether it be via mobile device or computer.

Other differences/advantages that Internet marketing has over traditional marketing is accountability, testing, flexibility, micro-targeting, and cost-control. All of these aspects combined can help you run a successful Internet marketing campaign.