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"Targeting the Over 65 With PPC"

  • Lisa Reply

    As marketing increasingly goes online to capture that slippery early twenties demographic; we are losing the boomers. It looks like the pendulum has swung. When will we start reading about the new trend for magazine ads and billboards?

    I think I saw a psa encouraging younger people to teach their grandparents to shop online.

    01/09/13 at 09:52 AM (4616)
  • Peter Reply

    This article reminds me of the "@oldmansearch" Twitter account

    01/18/13 at 04:44 PM (4906)
  • Rebecca - SEO Diva Reply

    Lisa, I work with Boomers because I am one (56, this grandma has been online since the 1980s) I resonate with them much more than GenX & Yers for sure... I don't find that folks over 65 or that have been an owner in a small business for 20 years need our help as much, since many are ready to retire, or have so much referral work they don't really need online in point a RE agent in a town under 100k. BUT, I do find that people that are between 45 - 55 and are still going to be working for some time in the future and want their business to grow, especially in towns with populations over 80k are becoming more and more open and much less resistant to trying this out than ever before.

    I take the stance of just comparing online with what they are currently throwing away with YPs and other static marketing, like newspapers and other one and done marketing. When you price it right and show the longevity of their advertising out there on line, the conversation can really open up to the potential of what a year long campaign can do.

    Seniors have adapted to FB and mobile phones very don't under estimate grandma and that she is not stalking you online already...LOL Pew shows that 77% of 50 -64 and 52% of 65+ are Internet users, and that was from summer of 2012

    01/19/13 at 05:53 PM (4916)
  • Rebecca - SEO Diva Reply

    I am speaking about selling our services TO this market, not just marketing to them, of course., just to clarify.

    01/19/13 at 05:55 PM (4917)
  • Lisa Reply

    Rebecca, I’m so happy to see your response. I have long believed that we should consider personality & lifestyle just as strongly as age when choosing media to reach our targets. There are people in any age group that embrace technology and others that are not that comfortable with it.

    And Peter, that is hilarious! We ppc analysts see all kinds of search terms, but rarely do the include “please.” Also, Mr. Feeny was from Boston.

    01/21/13 at 09:28 AM (4920)
  • Paul Reply

    My grandmother is more tech savy than my mother is. I think more seniors are online and engaged than we would assume.

    01/22/13 at 04:49 PM (4949)
  • Dave Reply

    Actually. I feel like PPC might work better with those who search Google and are over 65. The top of the page ad probably gets clicked first by them, similar to how in the yellow pages, the ads with red bold text at the top of the category page get called first.

    Fun Fact of the Day -> It is funny how back when this was the "core ads" for local businesses, the would actually change the business name themselves to something like "AAA Automobile Insurance", just so they were in the number one position. I guess it was the start of SEO in it's primitive paper form back then.

    01/23/13 at 10:52 AM (4965)
  • Bill F Reply

    And likewise the trend of law firms with phone numbers like 222-2222 and 888-8888 presaged short URLs (which themselves became less important with the namespace being taken up relatively early, and the advent of search). Mnemonicity (is that a word) of names, numbers and addresses meant much more in a pre-search era, compared to the specificity and keyword matching of today. For example, is much more commonly used, and recognizable, than its short domain

    01/23/13 at 01:57 PM (4972)