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Survey Shows Facebook & Twitter Still Preferred Social Media Platforms by Small Businesses

  • Renee Reply

    VerticalResponse (an email marketing firm) just released results of a survey of about 500 small businesses.

    43% spend at least 6 hours on social media per week, with 2/3 of them spending more time on social media than last year.

    Not surprising, Facebook (90%) and Twitter (70%) are still where they concentrate most of their efforts.

    What takes them the most time? Finding and posting content. (That's a good sign, as we know the importance of good quality content.)

    Two good articles to read about the survey:

    Technorati -- What Do Small Businesses Do on Social Media?

    VentureBeat -- Small business loves Facebook and Twitter, ignores LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest (infographic)

    10/31/12 at 11:11 AM (3705)
  • Matt Reply

    I would like to give a little love to Linkedin. I know they are not as fun or sexy (sort of the blackberry of social media). if I had to guess who will be here in 10 years it would be Linkedin. The reality is that neither will probably be a force in 10 years but business people are less fickle and that makes Linkedin a bit more likely to be around. Business people love to network so that helps too.

    10/31/12 at 11:56 AM (3706)
  • Renee Reply

    Matt, the author of the VentureBeat article says there is a huge missed opportunity for small businesses b/c they aren't putting much effort into LinkedIn and G+. The problem is that most surveyed wished they could dedicate much less time to social media and they feel overwhelmed having to keep up with the different platforms.

    What stood out to me reading all this is that businesses should look at what platforms match their goals, industry and target audiences. You don't have to be on every social platform. If resources are limited, you should pick two that are a good match for your business and do them well, rather than half-assing it on a bunch.

    10/31/12 at 12:03 PM (3707)
  • Matt Reply

    the first thing I thought of when you said people cannot dedicate time to additional social media platforms is consolidation

    This can occur through acquisition or building additional functionality onto existing platforms.

    I could see Facebook buying Linkedin. They have a ton of money from the IPO. The more likely route would be to leverage their existing base to create a business orientated enviornment

    10/31/12 at 12:11 PM (3708)
  • Jason G. Reply

    I adopted the 50/50 rule about 8 months ago for my own social media campaigns and let me just say the exposure grew quickly. People love to connect with others who share similar likes( on and off FB) I am an advocate for Pit bulls and animals in general. I started sharing content from various pages dedicated to these topics and a few other . I never thought that this would be as successful as it has been. Every metric increased. Reach, interaction, likes. People do not want to be sold %100 percent of the time but %50 they do not mind so much.

    11/02/12 at 11:01 AM (3745)